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    I've had a question about batteries for a long time now. When I use my Palm (it was this way with my IIIx as well as my Treo 180) the battery level stays at 100 for a long while. Then it starts to decline. Shouldn't it stay at 100 as long as it stays at 99, 98 or any other number? It seems like the battery guage isn't calibrated correctly. Any thoughts?
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    Yes, in theory, however the basic guage that is supplied with any Palm is pretty, well basic actually!

    I use SysInfo <> as it provides a much better gauge, that learns about your battery over time and so becomes more accurate. It also does a load of other things as well.

    No, I don't work for them. I just like it.
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    The problem is that 100% is relative. The charge of your battery will be very different at day 1 than it will be a year later. It's set low so we don't keep complaining to customer support that our battery is only at 99% after the first week.

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