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    9am - Another <deleted> day of seeing the same <deleted> apps. Oh well better get to work.
    4:30pm - Bill - "IT'S TOO MUCH I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! ALL THE APPS ARE REPEATS!" <comment deleted by Mod>
    Bob - "Bill you have a family, you have kids, put the gun down! You're almost done for today!"
    Bill - "You''re right. Thanks Bob."


    9am - Aright guys time to get to work.
    9:45am - Well, that was exhausting. Who wants to play office basketball?
    10:30am - Office olympics?
    11:45am - Hey let's watch some funny youtube videos.
    12:30pm - Time for lunch.
    12:50pm - Everyone in office - "ZZZzzzzz"
    3pm - *Yawn* "Everyone come quick Dr. Phil is starting!"
    4pm - Aright guys let's get these last apps reviewed.
    4:30pm - "Alright guys, I guess we can all leave a little early. After all, I think we earned it."

    Am I the only one that thinks this is how it happens?
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    I think it's more like this:
    Palm Reviewer (probably the one and only):
    9.00 AM: Arrive.
    9.30: Begin reviewing first (and coolest) app.
    10.00: Finish reviewing app.
    10:30: Finish playing around with app, just for fun.
    11: Lunch.
    12: Start on other apps, which are kinda crappy.
    1.00: Finished all apps
    1.30: Call Palm engineers about unpublished API calls, more trying to wean some kind of details about the next Palm device out of them than actually get the info.
    2.00: Play around on Pre, read news, etc.
    3.30: See what Precentral says about yesterday's apps. Post a bit on Precentral forums, under a secret name.
    4.00: Check new Preware apps, just for the kicks.
    4.30: Go home.
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    You guys are complicating this way too much. All the Palm app reviewer has to do is play his favorite apps on his iPhone all day. Then, when one gets ported to wOS, he just applies the rubber stamp. Done.

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