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    Excuse me if I am being dumb and missing something obvious, but how do I do a copy and paste using the keyboard?

    I know that if the program has a menu I can usually use the edit drop down and select the appropriate command (or use the keyboard shortcut), but what about those programs or section that don't have a menu?

    I will give you a for instance. I keep a record of all my registered programs in ListPro and the other day I installed a program on my Treo 270 that I had previously registered. The registration key was a long and complicated one and so I wnet to ListPro, highlighted the text and then copied it using the edit menu.

    When I went into the new program to eneter the registration key, I couldn't call up a menu whilst in the registration dialog box to paste the text.

    In a Grafiti Palm device I would have simply used the command stroke and then tapped on the paste icon. Is there an equivalanet for the Treo with a keyboard?

    I guess what I am after are keyboard equivalents of the Windows shortcuts:
    CRTL - C Copy
    CTRL - V Paste

    Any advice greatfully received.
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    Use the Menu/Command button in the lower right of your keyboard. CommandC and Command P will do what you need. Incidentally, Treo Keyboard Utils from PalmGear is freeware and can be used to highlight the text without using a stylus.
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    Also ... some apps don't allow copying and pasting into/from other apps. I think you're okay with all the built-in stuff, but there's some third-party stuff that I've noticed won't let me paste text from outside the app.

    I think it's a crap-shoot as to whether the developer included that functionality. Your example with ListPro is indicative.

    And one last thing ... I believe there's a limit to how many characters you can copy and paste. If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say it was the same 4,000 limit as in notes and memos. But I could be wrong, too. Anyone know?

    I do that a lot here: hazard guesses. One could say I am a king ... or a duke ... of hazard ...

    {pause for audience's uproarious laughter}
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    I know the old clipboard in OS3.5 had a 1000 character limit. But OS4 is bigger. I've just tested it to about 7000 characters and it worked fine.
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    One of the hardest things to do on a Treo is to cut and paste information from one program to another.

    However, I've found a few programs that may help one do so:

    1. McPhing for switching from one program to another and back with 2 button presses. Freeware

    2. CopyDA and PasteDA are desktop accessories that require a launcher like EasyLauncher hack to run but allows the coping and pasting where the normal /c and /p does not work. Freeware

    3. And the best copy and move hack I have come across for the Treo so far to date is the amazing "DragDrop" hack by Shuji Fukumoto. It works great but unfortunately doesn't seem supported anymore since '98. Shareware.

    Still looking for a multiple copy and paste program or hack. The Treo needs this if you deal with a lot of data. Anyone with ideas?

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