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    As a person that has been in the computer & electronics industry for many years, I have a bit of experience with IC components (etching PCB's, soldering transistors\resistors\chips, programming eproms, etc). On to the post...

    mod·u·lar [moj-uh-ler]
    "composed of software or hardware modules that can be altered or replaced without affecting the remainder of the system."

    This definition will (hopefully) help clear up some of the misconceptions (and ignorance) to the potential of the Pre2 based on the Pre1 components (and some iP4 help) The reason I posted the definition of the word "modular" is that 90% of circuit boards are modular in nature and can accept many different configurations of components for various build layouts. With the electronics I used to work on, many of the model variations were internally the same with different (modular) component changes.

    The Camera

    The pic above (courtesy iFixit) shows the Pre's current fixed-focus 3MP camera. The next pic below (crd. ifixit) shows the 5mp auto-focus camera on the iP4. Notice anything??

    Gasp! They are the approximately the SAME size!! This means....this means, well this means that swapping to at LEAST a 5MP 720p camera would be as trivial as finding a supplier for the component. And with HP's notebooks\netbooks having built-in webcams, I'm betting this wouldn't be a problem. On to the internals then.

    The Internals

    This pic below (crd. phonewreck) shows the logic board in the trusty Pre1. We already know at least two components that have been swapped previously, the SDRAM from 256MB to 512MB, and the NAND flash (storage) from 8GB to 16GB. More RAM and more storage would drop right in just as it did in the "+" version. The Wifi transceiver could also easily be switched with an 'N' version.

    So due to the "modular" nature of modern circuitry and the Pre's original design, H/Palm could feasibly upgrade the majority of the chips and have the latest and greatest of everything. Sadly the screen only has about .2 of space to expand which would put the display at 3.3". They still could up the resolution and increase the interface dpi by 10-20% and have the visual size remain the same but with much greater clarity.

    It's too early to speculate on with so few details released but be sure that HP has the cash and likely the connections to source all of these components without too much trouble. So relax...or leave already but stop trolling 24/7 with all the hate.

    (and Dieter\Derek, how much more of this will be tolerated? P|C is likely the only blog that freely allows trolling, bashing, and hate to go unabated...)
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    Thanks for putting this together, anf for such a well thought out, pragmatic explaination!

    Moderators.. isn't this worthy of a "sticky"?
    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    I appreciate the post, but I think people are more upset that the Pre2 doest have potential to be anything more than a spec bump. People were hoping for front facing cameras, 4g radios, etc... Such upgrades don't seem likely.
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    If people dont like the pre 2 they have every right to say what they like. I think the pre 2 is krap and nothing more then a slight spec bump. No ones going to tell me i cant say what i feel. (not talking about this OP but some folks who dont want honest criticism of the pre 2) If folks didnt like the pre then they might dislike the pre 2. Im waiting for the manshion or whatever the top of the line webos phone is even though it might be verizon. Not wasting my upgrade On a pre 2.
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    It's too early to speculate on with so few details released but be sure that HP has the cash and likely the connections to source all of these components without too much trouble. So relax...or leave already but stop trolling 24/7 with all the hate.
    What hate? It's a bit of plastic tat like all smartphones, if anyone here actually *hates* any phone, they should get a grip and seek mental treatment.

    Having said that, taking all of your well-made points on board it doesn't solve the basic problem I have with the Pre 2, I've rejected the form factor, I don't want it. Many people are in the same boat, especially people who's tried WebOS and liked it but didn't like the Pre.

    I think it's perfectly legitimate for people like me to say that we want WebOS, we simply don't want it in that form factor. That's not hate, that simply people indicating *why* they don't want a pre 2. The idea that we should either go "Woo-hoo LOVE IT" or simply leave is just silly, how else are we going to see a pluralism of views and have any sort of discussion?
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    If I could get one of these Pre 2's at a reasonable cost without a new contract I would. Holds a lot of improvements over my current Pre Plus and there is no question about that. That being said I will be perfectly happy to keep my Pre Plus as long as I can have webOS 2.0.
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    Very well done. And I don't think he is talking about having opinions. I too want more than a spec bump, but at the same time this is something. I love the form factor I just want a bigger screen and all the latest. However, this gives me hope because at the very least I want a better camera, so thank you Cobrakon. Again, nice!
    - Jeff
    Palm Pre- and a 32 GB TouchPad.
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    While the form factor is clearly one that some will like and some won't (such is the state of all form factors), the simple fact is only a couple of specs are actually known on the phone. The rest is pure speculation. Here's a novel idea: wait until the phone comes out and gets reviewed before passing judgment. I know, scary concept there, but I prefer to wait and see what the specs actually are, in total, before making a decision on whether or not the phone is a worthy upgrade.
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    Although all we are getting is a "spec bump", what this guys point of the post is this spec bump COULD potentially be:

    -1ghz processor
    -1gb of ram
    -5mp camera
    -32 gb storage
    -4g radio
    -n wifi radio

    What we saw so far was the Pre2 for Europe, not North America

    Who knows, maybe we get the Palm Pre 2+ over here with those specs above. No one does know and the point of the poster is that it is VERY easy to bump these specs to what I have posted above with modular components.
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    nice post.

    it also makes a great answer for the other thread asking why palm doesn't change out parts and send excess inventory to 3rd world countries...

    that would cost more in labor than it cost to produce it, and they'd have a bunch of expensive parts left over.

    nice job OP. I hope people read and re-read this. That helps them understand why a broad launch of Pre2 and then following up with a next-gen phone makes sense.

    they are fixing the common complaints (speed, cracking screen, etc) on what most agree is a good design. That's why motorola and blackberry have launched vertical sliders.

    once the pre2 and webOS 2 are out, they will follow up with more models.

    what would be cool is if they had a 'trade up' program for those that have churned through a bunch of phones due to the issues that are fixed on the Pre2... But that would be financially disastrous to HP and he carriers who want to sell an upgrade to force contract renewal.
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    or a trade up deal for any early adopters, though that isn't likely. I'd definitely like to get the pre2 if/when it comes to sprint, but it'd also be nice if I didn't have to use my upgrade because I might be interested in the "super device" once it comes out.
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    I think 1GB of RAM is out... Didn't the SFR site say 512MB???
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    Thanks guys, some of us do "get it" but alas even this post helps to prove my point. There is a HUGE difference between saying "I wan't a different form factor", or "I want a larger screen", or "I don't want a slider", to say...

    "Pre2 sux"
    "This phone is fail"
    "Palm and HP are dead, this phone is garbage"

    Which responses are expressing feedback and which are trolling?? And again I post that ALL 10 Windows Phone 7 devices have the SAME specs (1ghz, 512MB,8-16GB) as the Pre2's KNOWN specs Windows Phone 7 handsets: spec comparison -- Engadget

    Oh and one more point to add. When performing my analysis, I was using the existing front bezel which has limited space.

    The Pre2 has a NEW front bezel and glass screen so keeping the same SHAPE (which we know it has based on the touchstone back) and redesigning the inside you CAN accommodate a 3.5" screen (.1 inches above and .3 inches below totaling .4 which added to the 3.1 of the Pre = 3.5")
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    According to the latest photo leaks, it seems that the Pre 2 will be sporting a 5MP camera after all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jethrotull View Post
    According to the latest photo leaks, it seems that the Pre 2 will be sporting a 5MP camera after all.
    I saw that. Seems my logic is sound. Now if this has just been revealed\proven, that bodes well for many of the other components.

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