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    I recently purchased the Treo 300 to replace my Samsung I-300.
    I just returned from a road trip and had both the devices with me. Just as on many past trips, my device, (in this case the new Treo,) messed up and required a hard reset. Only this time, I was able to beam most of my data and PQAs from my old I-300 to the Treo. It then occured to me to buy a cheap Palm as a backup, to always take on trips. I'm going to sell the I-300 on eBay since I have all the accessories and can get still get some decent money for it.

    So what would be a good, inexpensive Palm to buy? It certainly need not be a phone, just a Palm of some sort with beaming capabilities. Perhaps I can buy something used on eBay. I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!
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    Your best bet would probably be either a refurb visor deluxe or maybe a palm m105 (or a m100 if you don't mind having 2MB of memory on it)
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    Perhaps you can Ebay a IIIx? Or a IIIxe for more memory.
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    Is it possible to beam a backup to another palm device? Then one could restore from the backup. It would need an external memory card, I guess.
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    I have a Palm VII I'm no longer using but it only has a total of 2MB. However, I have a little 8MB memory storange device (the size of a matchbook) that works with the Palm VII. It seems like a lot of fuss you are having to go through.
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    I'm selling new TRGpro's on eBay for $105. These are 8MB Palm OS devices with a Compact Flash slot.

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