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    I repeat again, maybe hp should release the pre 2 in a few colors.

    that will make them stand out in the store.

    just think, when vzw targeted all the moms, if they released a special red, or pink version of phone, I think it would have sold more...with that (silly) marketing campaign.

    do colors not sell anymore in phones? Is that so...2008?
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    The Pre 2 is an evolutionary design with good performance, that should provide provide at least 2 years of good performance in the smartphone market, and a measure of improved reliability. I would market it as a mid level smart phone with as many carriers as possible. When higher level hp phones enter the market the Pre2 can be reduced to a very low price to draw in more customers getting them comfortable with webos. HP in 2 years should have numerous webos products on the market, and the more people comfortable with using webos will provide a customer base to initiate a growth rate increase in the purchase of an incresingly diverse range of webos products that could be designed to integrate the uses of computers, smartphones, printers, tablets, smartwatches, and probably a range of other equipment. Look how windows for PCs is so ubiquitous that companies have used it in in bank machines and medical equipment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flip2jetta View Post
    before I state my opinion let me first say I think this is a very cool little device and Palm is a respectable company but I'll have to agree that the Pre 2 seems to be a moot device at this point. I mean don't get me wrong, I do like the Pre but I still can't help but be disappointed with the 2. Yes it's faster, yes the OS will be updated but at the end of the day it still doesn't feel new. *flame suit on*
    That is because here is not any intent (in my opinion) to actually make a go of this by HP. The Pre2, if it ever sees the light of day, was a Rubinstein production. Remember, he was an Apple guy, and his road-map was straight out of their playbook. Same form factor, incremental improvements. However, the landscape has changed with the failure of the Pre to catch fire and the hybrid nature of the Android business model. They needed to do something different. The form factor is not bad, but it's not enough by itself to ignite public excitement.

    Don't know if Ruby can't read the market and call an audible at the line or if they have some other ingenious maser plan But the best thing they could do with this is give it away for a ridiculously low price like $25 and (no contract hit) to the first 500,000 Sprint users with a current service plan on their phones who makes a request. (I'm on Verizon, so no personal stake in this).

    Sure it will cost them, but no more than the cost in momentum and any mind share remaining (and future sales opportunities) if they insist on rolling out the meek improvements that will be the Pre 2 if the early reports are correct. And it might cost them no more than a high powered ad campaign.

    There would be quite a buzz around such a program and would raise confidence that they are really behind the platform. Then, at CES, drop the bomb with the real product, with the buzz of their generous offer still in the air. (This especially true if they do not plan on having a new super device on Sprint by EARLY 2011)
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    Don't release the Pre2 at any more than $200, in fact, why not at $150 to differentiate from every other high end android device that starts at $200 (and the ones at $250).
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmausser View Post
    but the carriers did such a good job promoting the first-gen Pre....

    Honestly I dont think it should even be the carriers job to promote the devices.

    I think they should make an ad that pokes fun at how everyone keeps copying their ideas, and how much it sucks to be the first ones at everything.

    Like have a classroom of kids and the smartest kid is named "Palm" and have all the other kids cheating off his test papers.

    And the teacher be like:

    Teacher: "Blackberry, I TOLD YOU to stop cheating off of Palm!!"

    Blackberry Kid: "But I couldnt figure out how to multitask!......"

    iPhone Kid whispers to Android Kid: "Man, did you see his answer for Notifications?? why didnt we think of that??"

    Windows Phone 7 Kid: "Dont look at me, I dont even know how to copy and paste"

    LOL, that is hilarious!!! That would be a great commercial. Have all the kids shirts with the companies logos on them too.

    If HP/Palm doesn't do it, someone should make a youtube video out of it to say the least.

    HP/Palm should definitely do it, put all these other mobile platforms in their place.

    Great commercial!
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    Quote Originally Posted by YankBoy View Post
    But that's the point. I'm sure HP/Palm have enough resources to come up with a way to market the Pre 2 to the people who HAVEN'T heard of the Pre (i.e. most Americans). And, based on my own experience, I disagree with your other point. I'm the only person that I know that's heard of the Pre/Plus. None of my friends (Verizon and Sprint mostly), co-workers (also Verizon and Sprint), or family members (Verizon and AT&T) had heard of it before I got mine and showed it off. On a few occasions I've had strangers ask me what kind of phone I was using...they'd never seen or heard of it. I told one guy it was a Palm Pre Plus and he asked who made it. I work in a large medical university and have been trying (without success) to get my Pre Plus set up for my Exchange email account. When I called our IT department, they said they'd had only 1 other request to set up a Palm Pre. And this is from a pool of several thousand people.

    Certainly HP/Palm need to come out with some truly novel hardware. But in the mean time if they have a souped up version of the Pre/Plus, I can't see why they shouldn't release it with aggressive marketing to try and pull in some NEW customers from the exceedingly large pool of people who are unaware of the Pre's existence.
    I have all of my groupwise email forwarded to a gmail account that I set up just for that purpose. Then, gmail is able to send replies with the reply to field as your original email address. You can also set up other reply tos like if you are part of a help list, you can send it "AS" that other user as long as you have account access. Then, the pre syncs mail, calendar, and contacts to that gmail account. This is my work around and I think it's brilliant!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wellwellwell11 View Post
    lol I heard that please have these people trained and know how to work the devices. This time around Palm has money, so there should be no more lord of the ring elf ladies doing the commercials.
    Quote Originally Posted by ahitz View Post
    not to be sexist, but

    At least for one or two major commercials. After the borg queen and Smartphone for Moms and shoe-lady commercials, I'd like to see a dude shown using a webOS device.
    Have you guys not seen my favorite Palm Pre commercial? with the guy on the escalator??? I think it's pretty cool!!!

    While you're at it, take a look at the "shoes" one... no trolls here!
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