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    how cool would it be to have 2 cards open side by side when in landscape mode. If the screen had a res of 640x960, you would have room for 2 cards open at the same time. Imagine the possibilities. Palm said that webos 2.0 will have ability to have multiple cards with the same app in stacks. 2 cards open side by side seem like a logical extension of this. I hope it happens and would give palm a revolutionary leap on one of its best features: Multitasking.
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    I think its a good idea, but it would be a bit tricky for pdk apps to scale (the sdk would need a new card state as well) and it will bring a lot of options for improvement, for instance dragging a contact from the contacts card into the send to field in email, of course that requires extra api for each app and its a lot of work for the programmers but maybe we will get some of that in WebOS 3.0
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    Here's a quick and DIRTY mock up using the first 2 webos screenshots i could find on the web.

    This is a horrible example because the cards are unrelated, but you get the idea. There is no scaling to be done in 2 card mode because each card would be 320x480, the current resolution of the pre. In full screen mode you just make 1 pixel = 4 pixels for a quick and dirty scaling.
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    Not quite right though. 640x960 is 4 times the pixels as 320x480. So you'd have to have 4 cards, two side by side, and two more side by side underneath, for no scaling. otherwise they'd be stretched or distorted when 2 are open.
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    Duh on my part on the scaling, I reserve the extra 160 pixels for a virtual gesture area when in this mode.
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    Moblin (now Meego) had that ability. No idea if it still does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by supercluver View Post
    otherwise they'd be stretched or distorted when 2 are open.
    Only if they are PDK apps.

    The whole reason WebOS uses Web-based standards like CSS and HTML is that scaling is NOT AN ISSUE.

    Notice how non-PDK apps arent stretched on a Pixi?

    That is because the HTML code can automatically re-scale the app on the fly to ANY resolution.

    Go ahead, try it out

    Go to any webpage with your browser and resize your browser window to any resolution. No stretching or scaling.

    So you could have 100 cards or 2 cards open on ANY resolution, and if programmed correctly, they would all look pristine and very clear and crisp with no stretching.

    Stop thinking in terms of archaic platforms like iOS and Android coded in Objective C and Java, and 'wrap' your heads around the power of web programming.

    Palm definitely needs to take scaling to unbelievable heights on their PalmPad with ultimate scaling to make fun of the competition, and HP needs to market it well.

    This I think is one of those 'make or break' technologies that needs to be showcased.
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    Funny how you can write FTW in your title but I can't say W T F in Where's The Food?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    Funny how you can write FTW in your title but I can't say W T F in Where's The Food?
    common non-nerd misconception

    FTW = For The Win.

    Not W T F backwards.
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    I think it's a good idea, and could be a really cool way of taking stacks to a new level.

    it need not be on my phone, but it would improve the productivity of the device over say the uni-tasking mode of the ipad.

    to things that would greatly benefit from this, video chat, where both 3 way chat, or chat and look through an app for information/enter your calander /edit a document in real time. Could be awesome.

    another place it could work is medicine. Since getting the pre I have imagined a card for every patient in my are at a hospital, live updated with vitals/labs and able to enter orders, send tasks, super hot.

    add stacks and you could easily have shared groups across multiple people. Consultant, nurse, primary, all follow same patient together.

    adding dual view allows a crap ton of possibilities to that. The medical world could use some simplification, but flexibility is a welcomed thing.

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