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    Breakthrough Energy Harvesting Device Successfully Fabricated : TreeHugger

    The CNF-PZT Cantilever, consists of a carbon nanotube film on a cantilever base of piezoelectric material. When the carbon nanotube film absorbs thermal energy (from heat or light), it forces the cantilever to bend. The cyclical bending generates an electric current in the piezoelectric material...Thousands of small CNF-PZT Cantilevers could be designed into devices, allowing them to harvest their own wasted energy.
    So instead of the heat being useless and staying trapped inside the phone, it's "sucked out" by those carbon nanotubes and converted (partly) to energy to recharge the battery!

    Now, I'm sure the efficiency is quite low, but even if you could only reuse 10% of that lost heat as electricity, that's a big improvement in battery life.
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    Interesting... it might work in combination with the Touchstone back since it already has wiring for the charging circuit.
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