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    So this is a quick mock up, i took many elements from many other phones and frankensteined them into my ideal phone. in no way do i take credit for any elements used.. i am not the owner of any of this... the screen grab mic hole cam lens speaker etc.. its just a rough frankenstein of what i want my next phone to look like..i do not expect to win the contenst or even enter for that matter.

    I Retouched the prototype and added the keyboard view..
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    I think you should enter the contest!! Nice Mock up, and realize that all ideas come from somewhere (see the Torch).
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    Great job!!

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    I like it.
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    I agree -- you should join the contest: you put work into making the mock-up & it's a good one.
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    Very nice, indeed!
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    looks great, you should make one...I'll test it for ya :-)
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    I like it, you should enter!

    Is there a physical keyboard?
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    This is definitely one of the better ones, I really like it.
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    Inter the contest! Your creation is as good if not better than most of the others.
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    I like the way almost the whole front is screen. The current Pre has way too much wasted space on the front & could have had a much larger screen in the same case/cabinet.
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    Thanks To Everyone for such positive feed back, i am definitely a noob at photo shop, but i will refine my original design and give a keyboard view of it as well, mabe ill squeeze in a back view but i am pressed for time.. THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE
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    Only 1 real problem: The TI OMAP 3630 is clocked at 1GHz, not 1.5GHz, and Palm/HP would not overclock the processor because then they are responsible for replacing it if ANYTHING goes wrong with it.
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    Wow, that looks huge!
    I'd like to have the next phone to have a kickstand implemented into the back for landscape viewing.
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    good looks on that

    same form factor just 4 inch screenÉÉ

    I wish I could enter the contest.. I have a wicked idea that I think people would love and if it were to come true would wow the industry
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    I want one like this one NOW!!! hihihi
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    I love it. Looks great.
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    When you say "full HDMI video" do you mean its got an HDMI output for video like the Evo?! That would be fun!

    And I really hope something sweet like this comes out before June of next year when I can get my full upgrade!!!
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    not bad... looks a little top heavy. tbh id be happy with a design like the pixi but without any keyboard. lets just use a virtual one like swype.
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    Yeah, looks top heavy. I think once you go that big you have to consider a landscape slider instead of the portrait.

    The original Pre, Pre+, Pre2, .... is about as big as you can go with a portrait slider and still be able to hold the phone comfortably to type.

    Just my 2 cents.
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