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    So, I'm thinking of switching from my N900 on Tmobile (it's really a computer, running linux, in my pocket, which is to say it makes a terrible phone, with even fewer apps than the WebOS [except for apps to tweak the way the thing works, those are plentiful] and makes you look like an ***** if you try using it in public.) to an unlocked Palm Pre+ or Pixi+, again, on Tmobile. I won't be using the mobile internet, so the lack of 3G isn't an issue. But I was wondering, if I buy the device used, and I run into some kind of hardware trouble (as I hear is moderately common...) and need to send it back to Palm for servicing, what's the prognosis? Will I be able to get warranty service from them without a proof of purchase? Thanks in advance
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    You won't get any warranty service if you aren't the original purchaser with receipt. You can get it repaired if faulty, but it won't be under warranty (unless you can get an original receipt from the person you are buying it from). Since not all stores are the same.. I'd call a local store and find out their policies for this.
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    What does Palm Support consider a receipt? I mean, do they require that I give them a certain kind of receipt? (ie, a physical receipt, a digital receipt, a receipt occurring on a phone bill, etc) Also, I understand the Pixi is less break-prone, due to the lack of moving parts?
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    Not sure how to answer the receipt question... again, your best bet is to ask a Sprint store what their policies are for this situation. The Pre has a slider keyboard, so yes there is a higher chance of something breaking. But the main issue has been with the first devices released. There are still some issues of screens cracking, or keyboards sticking... but I've had a Pre for over a year and absolutely love it. The Pre is a more powerful device with a larger screen and more apps, but it really comes down to which form factor you like better.
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    So, support for the device comes from the carrier, and I'd have to take it to ATT? That could be a problem, if I've unlocked it, and I'm using it on Tmobile.

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