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    I was reading about HP on Wikipedia and ran across this little gem. It's something HP has been working on since 2006 (and earlier, I'm sure) that is basically a CPU, RAM and a wireless transmitter combined together on one die.

    HP Memory spot chip - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Now, we've all seen the picture of Phil McKinney in the presence of three black censor bars that are suppose to represent new HP/Palm products (or at least that's what we want to believe). Obviously you may have noticed one of the censored objects is quite clearly a watch (or Mr. McKinney has an obscene tattoo on his wrist), so the question stands: Would you buy a watch that ran webOS? Do you think this memory spot chip would be integrated into it somehow or would they just try to wedge a Bluetooth chipset in there?

    I think it could be a cool idea if they don't try to make it do too much. It would be neat to have a watch that can change designs any time and has widgets and what-not. It would also be cool to be able to control and listen to music from the watch as a form of remote for it's phone counterpart. I'm just riffin', though...
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    I was playing with the new iPod nano and it would make a good watch.
    If you have an app that can display data (football scores, etc.) with webOS notifications and keep the time displayed... That is worth it.

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