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    I just found this in another P|C thread. This is absolutely the feature we've been looking for to differentiate the next Palm phone from every other competitor:
    iScale a digital scale for the iphone - Mac Forums

    note to palm: be sure to include a straw and razorblade as standard with each phone...
    You mean This Thread?
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    it leads to the other. Bottom line, I want to be able to weigh and cut 'stuff' on the phone. I would start using just for that.

    kidding, of course
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    speaking of cutting stuff... I'd really like to see a fish scaling board and Popiel Pocket Fisherman added to this thing. You could be walking down by a lake, see some fish jumping, pull out you phone and WHAM-BAM... you're throwing a line out. What other phone lets you do that!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    I think you should have the option to mount a DirecTV dish on the generator. I don't want to miss shows while working on my computer!
    HAHAHAHA best reply ever
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