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    Quote Originally Posted by IGNTNUNLMTD View Post
    I need that webOS watch, lol.
    It's a light saber! And I need it now more than anything, just dropped mine down some bottomless pit !
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    you have inspired me to begin working on a palmpad of my own..... YAY!
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    Your Pre 2 looks better than Palm's Pre 2
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    Great work! Looking forward to seeing what HPalm comes up with. Hopefully they look at this thread.
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    Awesome stuff... I love all 3 but especially your PalmPad design. The guys at HP/Palm really need to see this because it truly is beautiful and follows Palm's cool river stone design style perfectly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by abyssul View Post
    absolutely perfect except for one small detail i am killing myself over...

    If you miss the reference:
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    Looks like VIROX's Mock-up rendering is so close to the Pre2 design that someone from the UK is actually using it to sell thier Pre 2 on eBay:

    HP Palm Pre 2 Black (Unlocked) Smartphone BRAND NEW | eBay
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