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    that is a sweet looking mockup. Now my expectations for the future are much higher. Nice work.
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    i would sell my car and buy all three. well, i'd probably have to steal another car to sell also, since mine's got over 252,000 miles on it, but i'd definitely find a way to get these.
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    Can I get them at Staples or Office Depot tomorrow morning? I want them now!
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    these are my favorite mockups so far. i would love to have that watch!
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    Wow, just WOW. I will take 100 of each please
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    This just took over as my absolute fav mockup! Incredible job!!
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    I'm more excited about the watch then anything else lol. You have my vote to win because your work is just amazing and I would only dream that palm and hp release anything even close to what you have created.

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    That's definitely pro. It's beautiful, and they all flow together SO smoothly. A+. I can't stop raving about this.

    I'm trying to stop myself from gushing on this thread... but WOW that's beautiful. If palm comes out with something even similar to that, they're going to get ALL my money. haha.

    FANTASTIC job!
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    Why don't you work for palm... This beats the pre design by far
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    Fantastic job! Any thoughts of making the phone screen 4"?
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    Well done.
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    I love my Pre :P

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    I love it. Nicely done but I wish the App Launcher was not present. I will go with the assumption that it is removable in this mock-up. Ahh, I feel better now!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brendu View Post
    Why don't you work for palm... This beats the pre design by far
    Shoot I'm hoping he does work for palm and this is a well placed leak......please let it be, I want one now!!
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    Wow. Too beautiful.
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    To the OP @virox -- I couldn't help but tweet a link to this and mention @rahulsood. And Rahul replied:

    "Cool, nice mockups... i'll definitely send those along to the people who need to see them..."

    Congrats on grabbing Rahul's attention!
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    That is truly Epic!!! I hope you win. I think I will be disappointed if the Pre 2 doesn't come out like this. However, I would prefer a 10" Pad as opposed to 7".

    Great work, I didn't even know I wanted a webOS watch until now.
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    Looks really nice! So far the best looking mockup.

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