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    I was thinking about buying it for my pre but I'm worried it might not work. Also it may not be compatible with pre 2.0 what you think?
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    the current palm phones do not have a built in microsd slot so don't waste your money
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    Yeah.. not sure what makes you want to purchase it... You must have discovered by how that none of the Palm devices use memory cards.
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    I think he is just kidding around?
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    I'm going to say that expandable memory isn't really that vital of a feature. I mean, why not just include all the memory to begin with? To save a couple of bucks on the cost of the device, and then make the consumer buy the memory later? That's kinda ridiculous.
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    When I first got my Pre after coming over from a Treo 680, I was upset with the lack of expandable memory. But honestly, I don't miss it. I liked it on my 680 because I could load pics, vids, docs, etc... on the card and then simply plug it into my device. But after installing WiFi Media Sync on my Pre, I don't miss it at all and it now seems 'old tech' to me. If you don't have it, install the above app on your Pre and you may never feel a need for removable media again.
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    Expandable memory is the only thing my sprint pre lacks. I am currently having to make daily decisions about which files to keep and which to transfer off to my usb drive. If I had a mico sd slot it would make it alot easier.
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    Good point xylos555... I guess i just got in the habit of deleting stuff because of the limited space. But I can see the point with that one

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