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    Hey everyone, I'm sure you saw on the front page the news about "Palm Connections." Me and my business, Bourgeoisie Brunches are on there, and its been great so far. Ryan, the contact guy, has been very helpful and VERY communicative on what he needs and what we get.

    Visit their FB page to see who else is on there & what work they're doing. Palm is also looking for more people to join in, so you might be able to get in on the deal as well!
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    Totally off-topic but my god that Steak Au Proivre looks incredible.
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    Haha! thanks, its my thread and I'm a chef, so I don't consider it off topic! If you're in Seattle (or want to fly me somewhere), send me an email and have me come teach it, LOL
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    As a note to help us if you can't become directly involved, every person who "likes" this on FB is another person who helps us get exposure and get people interested in our projects and help. Thanks everyone!!

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