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    With all the talk of the next pre having the same processor as the Droid X and Droid 2, is it possible to swap the processors and build your own Frankenpre with the spec bump? I saw somewhere that the pins are the same, so is this just like swapping a desktop/laptop processor? I'll be watching for a Droid X/2 with cracked screen...
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    ...I also read the part about the pins being the same but didn't make that connection. What an interesting question. I, too, would like to know this (even though I suppose the effort would probably be enormous)

    I'm also under the impression that the CPU is not the only variable in actual end-user-experienceable device speed. What about data bus throughput? Haven't I read somewhere that overclocking past 800MHz gives you diminishing returns because throughput becomes a bottleneck? If it was possible to swap a quicker OMAP into a Pre, would it even make much of a difference? Although this is probably moot if the other OMAP is basically the same CPU, only from a higher-quality bin they've rated for 1GHz.
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    I think its a Ball Grid Array (BGA) chip. The 'pins' are in reality a hundred or so tiny solder balls arranged in a grid underneath the chip. You wont remove it without some very special tools and a high device mortality rate.
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    In a word, no.
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    you'd need a new kernel
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    I think the easiest thing to do would be to wait for the new pre comes out and then buy one cheap that has physical damage. You then could posibly swith the whole thing into the current pre and swap the com board? Just a thought.

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