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    early next year. I saw it with my own two eyes will watching attack of the show, Idk if this has been posted already. Check out G4 yourself. Id snap a pick but the ticker runs by kinda fast and without autofocus on my pre would be blurry anyhow.

    EDIT: ok i tried to take a pic sorry hand was a lil shakeyPRE_2010-10-08-011424.jpg
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    what? When? I watch AOTS everyday, and I missed it! What day was it?
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    today well technically it would be yesterday. i was watching the replay at 1am. i tried to take a pic its real blurry but u can kinda make out the words
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    Nice catch... I wouldn't be surprised if they got the info for that ticker from here at P|C.
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    Yes, this was reported back on the 6th...

    HP: New webOS phones coming "early next year"

    HP themselves have already stated it...but good find...
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    how funny would it be if HPPalm gave some exclusive into to AOTS. talk about a small leak...
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    that screenshot is doubly interesting to me as i just purchased that exact same H&M sweater that the dude is wearing.
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