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    Nothing in the way of internal specs.

    - 3.8" screen, 960x640.
    - 14.9mm chassis.
    - Metal band around the screen.
    - Wider keyboard, same height, deeper feel.
    - Rubberized ridge on the bottom to protect from grime and prevent cheese cutting.
    - Portrait slide and pivot mechanism a la Nokia E7/N97 to retain the curve.
    - Obvious stuff like a 5MP Autofocus camera + LED Flash w/ dedicated camera button.

    Shorter than existing Pre due to smaller gesture area and less rounded-off housing.

    Not a revolution but polish that I desire.

    Now, the next step is to carve my existing Palm Pre to look like this (or use photoshop.)
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    I like it as a possible pre2. You should figure out the scale and size it up next to a pre since the current pic next to a pre is clearly not an accurate size.

    Also, the second mic for noise canceling should be on the top or back. It's used to pick up background sound and then compares the audio between both mics to filter it out.
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    This is exactly what I would want in my next Pre. Same basic shape but w/ a bigger screen.
    And of course w/ all the bells and whistles.
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    Nice job... I also like the idea of dual mics for noise cancellation.
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    Honestly, perfect. All the other mockups look too fake and unrealistic. This is what I am expecting in the next pre. You got some artistic skills man, keep it up!
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    This is almost perfect, if the pre2 looked like this i would definately be first in line. I also like how your a Bell pre user

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