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    That's interesting, but that's not a Google app.
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    It doesn't. Goggles runs on Google's back end and uses their proprietary image database which (so far) they haven't provided APIs for. This is kind of like having all my friends upload their pictures to my web server and calling it Facebook.
    I would stand outside and protest but they have a Bloom Box, solar panels and a self driving car. And I would look silly if I did so
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    okay so some of these really aren't that useful, but they are kind of flashy and attract people to the OS. Like some of the people attracted to iOS and android just for a few cool apps and a bunch of grabage apps so they can be on the OS with a lot of apps. So in order for webOS to become popular I imagine it will need to get some of these apps that grab peoples attention. Then they need to market it. Like webOS plays games way better than android but how does anyone know it when the pre hasn't been marketed for almost a year now.
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