View Poll Results: When's your next upgrade?

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  • Between now and Dec. 31 of 2010

    51 61.45%
  • Between January and March of 2011

    6 7.23%
  • Between April and June of 2011

    10 12.05%
  • Between July and September of 2011

    1 1.20%
  • Between October and December of 2011

    4 4.82%
  • Not till after 2011

    11 13.25%
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  1. delta7's Avatar
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    I'm stuck until March 2012, my bill is under 69 a month so I got 2 years almost. So I'll be getting a phone cash.
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    My upgrade came a week or two ago. I'm soooooo tempted to get a Fascinate on a 1 year price or the Droid X. I'm sick of the crap hardware, tiny marketshare, immature OS, hardware kayboard, and Verizon hating WebOS.

    Goodbye hahahahahahahaha!!!!
  3. RafRol's Avatar
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    My girlfriend is the Primary line on our Premier account, she's been eligible since June, but she's quite happy with her Pre. Being the secondary line, I'll have to wait until April 1st. I'll be quite happy with WebOS 2.0, which will be available late this year. I'll gladly wait until April, by then we should have specific dates if the new device isn't already out.
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  4. Balzak's Avatar
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    25 Days till I can upgrade...
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    How many of you would use your upgrade on the SFR announced Palm Pre 2?
  6. mus
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    Ready to go right now.
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    Launch day Pre with EPRP on Sprint, so I'm not eligible for full $150 off til April 2011.
    I'll pass on the Pre 2 and wait for the "Super Device" as the PALM!!!! Guy calls it.
  8. Olidie's Avatar
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    Mine was on June 1st of this year.
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    As a Premier customer, I can get a yearly upgrade. I've had my Pre about one year right now.
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