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    Just spotted this pop up on the tech section of Yahoo News, posted about half an hour ago, looks like no new phones this year.
    HP to launch new webOS phones in early 2011 - Yahoo! News
    Edit: and the original reuters link HP to launch new webOS phones in early 2011 | Reuters


    BARCELONA (Reuters) Hewlett-Packard Co will introduce smartphones in early 2011 using the webOS software it acquired through its $1.2 billion Palm buy earlier this year, a senior company official said on Wednesday.

    "You will see us coming early next year with new phones," Senior Vice President Eric Cador told an industry conference.

    HP bought Palm, an early pioneer in handheld devices, to tap into the fast-growing smartphone industry and get access to Palm's acclaimed webOS operating system.

    "More importantly we acquired webOS," Cador told the conference in Barcelona, adding Palm's intellectual property was "extremely fundamental" in the deal.

    HP, the world's largest technology company by revenue, is already a dominant force in PCs, servers, services and printers. But without a credible smartphone offering, it risked being left behind in a rising and highly profitable market, one that rivals both at home and in Asia are increasingly moving into.

    PC makers Dell, Lenovo and Acer are all pushing into smartphones, which offer advanced services such as streaming video, e-mail and GPS in addition to voice calls.

    (Reporting by Tarmo Virki; Editing by David Holmes)
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    And early 2011 will surely be the third quarter *grmphhh*
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    Same info from the Register.

    Next Palm smartphone out early 2011, says HP • reghardware

    If this is true then I hope WebOS2.0 drops before a new phone is released.
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    wow, good thing this was released at 4:30 am.

    the wrath of sprint pre owners will be starting soon.

    "i'm jumping ship to android," they will all scream and yell.

    meanwhile, most vzw and att users, and others worldwide, will continue to enjoy our pre plus devices, eagerly awaiting when we are due for an upgrade and watching from the sidelines, hoping hp/palm will pull all the right strings this time around. we will be hoping that as a result, the app catalog and media attention to our platform grows.

    I honestly feel that hp palm will be releasing a slew of new devices next year, in many form factors, and that 2011 will be a great will all start at CES 2011. Those that stick around can enjoy webOS 2.0.

    If despite this, sprint users insist on running to android, though it will hurt hp palm in the short term, I think it will hurt those customers that leave more. android is a powerful platform, nice form factors and apps and all, but the fragmentation, brief life of each device, loss of privacy to google, and just overall user interface will drive each of you nuts...i am pretty sure, most will come back.

    the unfortunate part is, if sprint customers flee, the precentral community will take a short hit...fewer posts, fewer rants, etc. but it will be back i'm sure.

    hp palm...crouching tiger, hidden dragon...
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    ^i think we sprint users have earned our stripes and our right to complain!
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    4.30am US time, late morning over here in Europe.

    I'm hoping that when he said 'new phones' he really did mean a number of devices, as big as HP is I don't think they can rely upon the Apple 1 device approach, they really need multiple devices to try and get public attention (imo).

    Now we just need to wait for the specific device announcement, I expect at CES, and hope they have a quick turnaround from that to release.
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    i just dumped my hero and got a pre, im going to use it until a new webos device comes out. BUT i dunno if ill wait until 2011 for one. my upgrade is in a month and the evo is calling my name.
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    give me skype for WebOS damnabit!
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    Yep, looking more and more like those who predicted a CES unveiling and/or launch were right.
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    Look at it this way. The phone in my pocket now is a lot better than the one I purchased a year ago. There aren't many electronics products that I can say that about. It would be different if my Pre was falling apart like many users here seem to be suffering.
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    This sounds to me as a HUGE product launch on CES2011, and a very high profile marketing campaing introducing webOS.

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    No mention of who will carry these, so I can wait around 3 to 4 months and find out sprint will or won't get these. Hmm, here's to webOS 2.0, sooner than next year

    I hope more info is forthcoming.
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    Well, at least its a definitive word...

    What this COULD mean is that thier next phone could be using the TI OMAP4440 processors that are higher than 1Ghz, and are sheduled for production in early 2011.

    But, I'd settle for the 4430, too!

    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    ... Microsoft has announced Acer will be making their Win7 Slate. Acer announced their Gingerbread 3.0 tablet for Q1 of next year. Wonder how Palm..err, HP is going to handle that. Please wow us all HP.
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    I still am apt to believe that a phone is coming this month or next month for the holiday season . Call me gullible if you want but I will keep the faith anyways . I'll go down with the ship !
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    I still am apt to believe that a phone is coming this month or next month for the holiday season . Call me gullible if you want but I will keep the faith anyways . I'll go down with the ship !
    they may release a phone before x-mas.. would be a smart move on their part. BUT i think the higher end phones running 2.0 won't be until 2011 sometime.
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    Absolutely ridiculous if they let the holiday season pass by without a new phone. I am regretting not keeping the Evo in June. I would have been eligible next June for whatever they have for 2011.
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    People, it was obvious a long time already that CES would probably be the first moment that new hardware will be presented....

    Please also consider that the world is bigger than US. I know, for some US people that's hard to imagine, but that is the playground HP is playing. Palm was still very US oriented (Pre & Pixie only available in a couple of European countries).

    Palm is virtually unknown in the rest of the world. So there is no use what so ever to rush a new device out. It's better to pick the right moment, announce something big to get noticed, and make it available worldwide a few weeks after

    Getting this ready worldwide does take time, think for example about the app catalog and the support for paid apps everywhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by double1 View Post
    give me skype for WebOS damnabit!

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