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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    I'm bad bad bad at typing on virtual keyboards .. and won't virtual need 2 hands to use? Well probably depends on the size of the phone. If no physical keyboard than it better be freaking good!
    I was in the same boat as you, I tried Swype phones and it totally blew my mind.
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    I prefer a physical keyboard but I guess I would try a virtual keyboard and return it within 30 days if I hated it.
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    Physical. I have iphone and ipad and can type fast on both BUT FTW, I don't have to look at my Pre and type.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bradenfontaine View Post
    I like your thinking xalky but I've always been partial to the physical keyboard. I have to feel the raised buttons, the space between. But, after receiving my refurb, and having push HARD to get the 'U' key to work... I guess I'm undecided. But really xalky, you should patent that.
    Well thanks for the encouragement. If somebody steals my idea it was documented here first.

    What's Swype, and whats so good about it?? Enlighten me.
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    Edit: Just saw the u-tube video for aint for me.

    My brain doesn't work that way. Might work for some though.

    Imagine trying to swype with a good buzz on. The trails would be amazing.
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    *** Answer to issues below for how Android does each.

    Issues with lack of physical keyboard:
    - Just Type. if you have to launch your virtual keyboard before typing, the name is misleading.
    *** Press the Search key and you search. Just Talk instead if you like.

    - Screenshots, really? will we need an app for that? Please, don't.
    ***Shootme lets you shake the phone to take a screenshot. No keys.

    - Copy/Paste, this could get ugly.
    *** It's actually easier and faster.

    - Selecting Text/Hi-lighting
    *** Again, easier and faster.

    - Moving the text-cursor
    *** Just use the arrow keys.

    - Initiating USB drive(if you swiped its notification away)
    *** Just swipe down from the Status Bar at the top any time.

    One advantage is that you can get a keyboard that is much faster like Swype or predictive like Swiftkey. I am about twice as fast with either of these as my Pre keyboard.

    But the big advantage is that sliding things at some point stop sliding. All slider keyboard phones have a higher defect rate than a non-slider twin. Look at the Epic and the Fascinate.

    HP cannot afford a 103% failure rate like we saw on the Pre. A slider will kill them at this point. Whatever they release next has to be as solid as a slab.

    I was totally a physical keyboard guy until I had a decent size screen and the next gen keyboards. You will be hooked too.

    - Craig
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    For those of us who aren't yet on either the Pre or Android, could you be more specific than "easier and faster"? As in, why are those things easier and faster?

    I did vote for a physical keyboard... I'm still on my Touch Pro, and when the physical keyboard doesn't work, I swear a lot more at my phone than I usually do... which I didn't think was possible.
    Who's flying this thing?
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    I need a physical keyboard, both would be great but I most deff. Need a physical keyboard! I can't imagine sending an email or a really long text with just a virtual keyboard, yuuuck.
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    Coming from a Pixi, there is no way im giving up this keyboard for a virtual one.

    webOS has many many keyboard shortcuts, and apps such as Facebook even make use of them. It is what makes using webOS "quick" for power users (I can't say literally ' all know). It's a feature Desktop computers have to enhance productivity, and here we have it too. Why take it away?

    ...Unless...they have something better in store...
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    Quote Originally Posted by xalky View Post
    I'm really partial to a physical keyboard, but I wouldn't be opposed to a virtual keyboard with haptic feedback. It would have to be a "click" type of feed back rather than a "buzz". If Palm did this, they'd be the first. It would probably require a click mechanism rather than a vibrator to accomplish this. Something as simple as a tiny solenoid that taps the side of the case would work.
    Pretty sure RIM tried to make the same basic idea with their Storm which turned the whole screen into one big button...needless to say it was a failure
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    I want both and if it's all touch, it better be exquisite! If it has a hardware kb, I'll forgive a beta vkb, but all touch and beta vkb............paaaalmm!!!!!!!
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    I really would like either one I've nvr owned a keyboard-less phone.. As palm has always had one.. But if it's sleek enough and has good specs and of course 2.0 then I'm in... As I've said before my guess is the mansion is an upgrade to the pixie and well probably see it 1st (i remember reading a rumor long ago that the pixie was initially a candy bar/ slate type phone) and maybe later one maybe at ces well get an anouncement for the pre 2 being a keyboard slider and maybe having the upgraded dual core 1.2 and the mansion only having 1.0 either way well have to wait and see.. But I think HPalm will try and please everyone...
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    physical keyboard & virtual w/swype
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    i def think we need to add a portrait physical with a virtual landscape. dont know why we dont have one now. i know we have a homebrew one i am just saying.
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    I got a feeling we will be catered to with this mornings announcement
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    I voted Physical keyboard because I really really want one... but honestly I'll probably get the next WebOS phone that comes out pysical keyboard or not. I have used both in the past and while I would greatly prefer a physical keyboard I could live with a virtural one if I have no other choice.
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