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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoRock View Post

    Rahul Sood Twitted this:

    Just curious - How does a physical keyboard impact battery life (besides backlighting for the keys?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreas View Post
    Palm Manson - a killer device?
    I see what you did there....
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    even still jackson on webosworld is sticking to his insider and saying that Sprint and Palm will be announcing the next webos device by novemeber. Who knows how accurate that is, lets hope so though. Heres that Pic again of that supposed LG wp7 phone, still not much we can see of what it is though. Atleast we know its not a WP7 phone though huh. Could this be the Palm Mansion?
    Well someone from webOS World PM'd me here asking me to contribute to their site, so I feel that if they want or have Joe Average contributing then they have problems. The main thing that has me skeptical about that supposed LG phone is one of the most vital parts of the phone is covered up. Why? If they want credibility and were out to prove they have it (Jackson said to me in an email that that photo would make me a believer) then shouldn't they at least kind of show that it's a WP7 device?

    As for the Mansion, I'm fine with the resolution but I agree with the people who said it would make it that much tougher for developers to port PDK apps from iOS, and I HIGHLY doubt there will be many webOS-exclusive PDK apps anytime soon. I prefer a physical keyboard more but I have an open mind and can get used to a virtual one. If I can type okay on my Zune HD's keyboard on that small screen, I should be fine on a 3.7"+ screen.
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    Never seen a rumor fizzle so fast, haha.
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    LOL - fizzle
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    What will be the Screen resolution on the next Pre? Will HP try to copy and /or improve on Apple's retna display?
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    I don't think anything is confirmed yet. However, if you check out precentral's main page, they have an article about a possibly leaked Palm device codenamed Mansion which is said to have an 800x480 resolution, which is pretty high. Here is the article. However, be aware, this is no where near confirmed yet.
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    Palm won over a lot of iPhone Devs by offering a PDK and the same resolution device - it was very easy to port games over and earn some extra $$$.

    Perhaps they're trying to woo some android and WM devs now, knowing that most of those devices are running at 800 x 480?

    Just my opinion on why 800 x 480, and not some other resolution. In any case 800 x 480 will make for a gorgeous 3.5" or 3.7" screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmdoc2005 View Post
    Absence of moving parts makes a more robust device.
    Exactly. That's why I'm ordering my next car without wheels. Sure, it will be missing crucial functionality that would make the device useful to me, but think of the money I'll save on preventive maintenance!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    Thanks but no thanks. Lack of physical keyboard is a dealbreaker for me. I'll stick with living in the Castle for now.

    Unless you're telling me it has Graffiti 1... then I might reconsider.

    I agree...the only reason I got the pre is because it was touch screen but has a physical keyboard. Now I love the Palm Pre and don't see myself switching to another phone in a long time.
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    I don't think I could use (or want to use) a device without a keyboard... but that's a personal choice for all. I still love the Pre's form factor, just wish it were slightly larger and built more solidly. But every time I use that thing, I love it. It's still a fantastic phone and suits my needs. But if the next device doesn't have the keyboard, I'll probably wait for the next wave.
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    Here's my take (combination of rumors).

    The Mansion is the phone that Palm was planning to release about now. It was held up by HP, in favor of a more dramatic hardware feature set. One of the reasons that the new phone will not be available until early next year, is that HPalm is waiting for general availability of dual core processors.

    EDIT: Almost forgot. The general availability of 4G from VZN is another wait factor. The 4G from Sprint/Clear is gonna be considered slow soon. One thing all 4G handsets will have in common is heavy battery drain with 4G on. How about a Mophie Juice Pack for the new phones?
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    If indeed HPalm's next device will be without a keyboard, than I would imagine that it will be a consumer oriented device, followed by an enterprise oriented device with a physical QWERTY, either a Pixi 'Pro' or hopefully a Pre 'Pro'; better yet, both. Competition for both iPhone/Android and Blackberry.
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