View Poll Results: Compact/Light vs 3.7 to 4.3 incher - AGE DEPENDENT?

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  • compact/light AND I AM OVER 30

    15 12.50%
  • compact/light AND I AM UNDER 30

    12 10.00%
  • 3.7" - 4.3" AND I AM OVER 30

    52 43.33%
  • 3.7" - 4.3" compact/light AND I AM UNDER 30

    41 34.17%
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    I know size has advantages BUT so does lightness and compactness

    My main need is for great keyboard and small phone that I can carry easily.
    As much as large appeals - I have a TV and laptop - I don't need to full on surf on my phone.

    Given one choice - how many would buy a Pre2 with the same screen size but smaller/lighter and just more efficient? vs the 3.7-4.3 'Pre2'

    For the sake of the poll a 3.3" or even 3.5" screen in a same size Pre2 should vote light/compact - as compared to everything coming now out even 3.5 can still be made light/compact.

    (I messed up CHOICE 4 - it should be 3.7" - 4.3" AND I AM UNDER 30)
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    I choose 3.7"- 4.3" screen, and I'm over thirty. I love my doubt, but a little larger screen would be a nice addition to it. ^_^
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    Like I've said before, iPhone got it right with 3.5".
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    i'm 33, and a big fan of 4'' screen size.
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    3.7 to me is big enough, I believe a smartphone should still be very compact. These 4 inch + phones to me not, and Ive owned a EVO.
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    i understand why some people want smaller phones, but right now, i want palm to put out a phone that sells, thats what attracts developers. if the pres sequal is a compact device, hp can throw in the towel. the masses want a bigger screen, they can do a little one later.
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    how about both?
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    3.5" -3.8" is fine for most people, I think, because they will enjoy the use of the capacitive touch screen for apps, however, still, that on-screen keyboard is still a bit unorthodox for hard texting use for lots of people, which is why the 3.8" screen with the vertical slide-out keyboard will work so well. Just enough room to make the physical keyboard really usable and preferable to the virtual one.

    Then, in landscape mode, the virtual keybard with much more room on screen, becomes a whole lot more managable for even the most un-nimble of us.

    3.8" diagnal is the sweetspot, I believe (not the 3.7" - that extra 1/10th inch diagnal translates into just enough to fit the keys and spacing in horzontally).

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    I am a fan of 3.5"-3.8" as well. 4' to me is just too big and 3.5"-3.8" works much better for a portrait keyboard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClemsonPre View Post
    how about both?
    I agree have both and a vertical, horizontal, slab, and treo device too. Choice is good. F it I just want something good soon HURRY!!!
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    need a choice for 3.7 to 4.0... because anything bigger is too big, and smaller is what I have now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krab19 View Post
    I am a fan of 3.5"-3.8" as well. 4' to me is just too big and 3.5"-3.8" works much better for a portrait keyboard.
    that works for me too
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    I was at my Sprint store today to get an insurance replacement for my Treo Pro and I checked out the Evo and the Epic. The Evo is just too big for my liking. They had the Pre/Pixi sitting next to them on the wall and I really prefer that size to anything much larger. I'm all for a bigger screen in about the same form factors.
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    3.7" is too small. What will be driving the market is HD and you can't watch a movie or a game on 3.7". That is why the carriers are scambling for LTE and 4G to have the HD bandwdth.

    But HP will have to offer a family of products if it is to have any chance against the dozens of Android currently plus 40 new models coming in the next 6 months.

    It's like cars. If you are going to be a viable car manufacturer, you need a sub-compact, compact, midsize, SUV, and a line of trucks.

    If you only make a sub-compact you will end up in the Cooper Mini niche.

    - Craig
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    I'm an old guy 65+ but I like the form factor and size of the pre just like it is!
    It just works for me!
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    I'm 30 and would prefer a 4" screen. If they stretch the screen from edge to edge they can get away with making the phone only slightly bigger to accommodate the 4" screen.
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    HP/Palm will no doubt cover all bases from 3.1 to 5".

    I'm basing this on the fact that Dell which is also a hardware mfg appears to be covering all sizes.

    My only concern at this point is how long will we have to wait and will the quality match or exceed dell.
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    I want a little bigger phone next time, I'm thinking 3.8-4.0 would be great for me.
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    I voted compact and light, but I have different views on different screen sizes vs form factors. I'm 33 btw

    1) portrait slide out keyboards should not go over 3.5in. They just become to awkward and clumsy when opened. My feeling is to stuff a 3.3-3.5in screen in the pre and make it no more than a žin longer with about the same width.

    2) landscape keyboards work in pretty much any sized screen. I feel the sweet spot is around 3.7-4.0in, but you could go up or down from there.

    3) slabs/slates 3.7 is perfect to me, but 4.3 is not as bad as I originally thought(although a bit wide if your not an oger). Why some say apple got it right is beyond me, there's at least a total of 1in wasted bezel space that could make the phone shorter or house a larger 3.7-4.0in screen, but whatever. 3.7-4.5in is the best for slabs, but you can still go up or down without issues.

    4) fixed portrait keyboards 2.5-3.0in max

    I'm personally eyeing the epic, but the 3.7in slabs are starting to grow on me just because of their size and weight is kept to a minimum(under 5oz) with max screen sizes. I always thought the N1 was about perfect for a slab, just shorten the total length by about half an inch. I'm on sprint and have no plans on leaving, so it's epic or evo for my next phone, pending a new palm phone, it'll be the epic.
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    I looke at the epic and the evo and I really want one. I think theepic is about perfect when it comes to the screen. I love gadgets though so the bigger the better. I agree about the portrait sizes though and I love the one handed useability of the pre.
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