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    I got my new Treo 270 about 3 weeks ago, and over the past few days I've begun to notice that a random number of address contacts which should have ported over from my Palm Xv have DISAPPEARED! I can't discover any criteria for the contacts that have vaporized, so I have no idea what's missing until I start desperately searching for an address or phone number that's no longer there! This is a database that's been painstakingly assembled for about ten years and I never had a problem like this before through numerous software upgrades and conversions. The contacts also seem to be gone from my Palm Desktop. I could go to a backup of my Palm Desktop and Hot Sync, but then I'd lose the contacts I've added since then. Anybody having the same problem? Anybody got any ideas?

    Bill in Berlin
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    Make sure you don't have them set to Private or something like that - go into the Security app and set it to show all records.

    With the Security app set to show all records, do a Find on the Palm for one of the names to see if it's really there but not showing for some reason.

    If they're really gone, it almost has to be a corruption of some sort in the database, in which case you may be better off going to a backup. You can export the current database to a .csv file so you can still search it for recently added data (it won't be easy to isolate that data to add it back all at once, but if you go to look for something and realize it was in the more recent database, you can at least look it up and add it to the Palm).

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