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    I wouldn't think this would be a very hard concept to achieve, why not have the whole front of the device be touch plate, then the big screen on top and a tiny notification screen on the bottom with perhaps a sliver of touch plate in between for back and forward swipes and up swipes etc.

    I don't know, just an idea.
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    I was having a thought today, that the gesture area remained as it was, but had icons for stock apps (that could be changed of course) and if tapped would launch them, but remain as the gesture area, eg meta tap and swiping
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    the notifications are a separate "element" anyway...

    For example lets say we only have the SMALL icons in this area and lined up along the bottom.. this way you know there is an email, txt message, and facebook update if you want to read or check any of them then tap on the area will open up the screen and show the stacked boxes at the bottom... makes sense to me.. keep it simple and almost no functionality for now would be great
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    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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