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    Im looking for the file extentions for the photo's on both these devices. I need a very important photo on my computer that I took with my treo but forgot what file extention palm uses
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    should be in a folder called "DCIM"
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    should be .jpg
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    Really? I could swear it was something else. I took the pic on my treo 700p and it converted on my 800w to something else.
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    OK I know what happened. Its all coming back to me. I took a picture with my 700p and saved it to my SD card.

    I lost that SD card and could only get the picture via the picture mail website two years later. The format I have no idea what it is but I could view the picture on my Treo800 but never could view it on my PC.

    Do any of you know or are familiar with a format like this where you can view a photo on your treo but not on your PC as the PC doesnt know what to do with the file?
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    forward it to another email address and it should show up as an. Attachment.

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