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    What program works best for this.

    I have a 32mb card for my Treo90, and I want to move programs.

    I have Filez right now, and I have used to it move my games onto the card.

    Is there any other program, that will move the while program (databases included).

    I have Bookbag Plus, and using filez, it shows that there are many files associated with it, and I'm scared to move the program without those files.

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    Most prc files can run off sd. Where you get into trouble is moving pdb files to sd. Not all apps are set up to write directly to sd. You might want to check your app's manual before you try.

    Filez can move most anything. I believe the new Beta version at can move multiple files at once. FileCaddy is also freeware at and can do most of what Filez can. It has a more user friendly interface.

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