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    I've recently been digging aroung Voicestream and TMobile websites and discovered:

    This service lets you set-up your phone to receive SMS Alerts everytime you receive an email to your POP3 account.

    There is also a desktop client that will alert you of MSOutlook and Lotus Notes mail, as well.

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    How often is TMobile checking the pop mailboxes and sending out SMS alert? Thanks for finding this needed link.


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    I use it with my Sony Ericsson T68m phone.

    Here's how I have it set-up...

    I have an earthlink account that I use as my personal email account.

    I also have LotusNotes at work that I have auto forwarding on receipt to my Earthlink account.

    I do this because I can check one account for mail (Earthlink) and I use a laptop that is often off of the network so I really cant use the desktop client. Also my company doesnt have POP3 Mail or IMAP or webmail. The only way you can check mail is through RAS on your computer with a Notes Client.

    Anyway...To answer your question...I'm pretty much getting one sms per email and I get them pretty quickly from the time I receive the original email. The biggest lag I've ever has was around 10 minutes or so. I'm not sure if the lag was from my server or Voicestreams but either's pretty quick!
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    Did I mention that it's free???
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    Nice Work!

    ..does it give you any header info, or just the sms saying you got mail?
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    Here's a tip for anyone who has a computer on all day (at the office, at home, wherever). Just set up a filter that forwards all incoming mail to your phone's address. You won't get the whole thing but you'll know when you get the e-mail and what the subject is. Moreover, you can turn it on and off easily. I use this when I'm expecting an important e-mail.
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    It sends as much of the subject line as it can.

    I agree with KRamsauer...if you're just looking for the SMS Alert, there may be an easier way.

    Since I no longer have a Treo, I use this with my phone with T-Zones GPRS Mail.

    Even though my phone has it's own won't let me send email because my ISP Earthlink blocks port 25 and there is no way to do authentication through the phone's email program.

    The service lets me retreive mail, as if it were webmail, and send mail as well. It must alias my email address so it seems as if it's coming from my earthlink TreoMail.
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    My pop alerts from voicestream suddenly stopped about two days ago, I think around the same time they finally switched the website over to tmobile. anybody getting them?
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    i havent gotten anything either. but really for the best since iambic mail seems to stay connected with gprs. but I still haven't figured out how to check at regular intervals. I paid for it, so I only have trials of multimail/treomail/aileron. plus i'd like to know how much data i'm using.

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    I suspect you have to change the address to, which is the new location for SMS by email. See
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    Originally posted by Preston
    I suspect you have to change the address to, which is the new location for SMS by email. See
    No, that's not it. T-Mobile/Voicestream checks my ACTUAL pop mail account and sends me an SMS alert when it has new mail. TM/VS would not be confused as to where to send the SMS, they send it directly to the phone, not to it's email address.

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