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    I am new to the Palm OS Platform and the Treo 270 is my first! (when I first saw it in Jan. I knew that this was the palm I waited for)

    I know that the Treo has 16mb but I am down loading everything under the sun. (Is this normal for a first timer?)

    my question is what is the Treo suppose to have on it?
    Can I delete everything that is shown in the delete menu list view?
    How much memory is it supose to have when new?
    What is in ROM?
    What is in Nessesary in RAM?
    Should I, would I delete any thing with File Caddy?

    How can I get the stream ship up without graffiti? (I got the egg)

    Thank you for any help
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    You can delete languages you don't need (1200Kb!!!) and some build in apps (Expense etc') with JackSprat and then use the extra Flash memory with JackFlash.

    Look in:

    I did it myself today. Works great, and extra 1400Kb is always a nice thing on a 16Mb device.
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    Using delete in apps, you won't be able to delete anything in ROM (read only memory) where the operating system is stored. You can delete programs that come with the Treo, like One-Touch, which resides in RAM (random access memory, where your downloaded programs and data is stored).

    I recommend getting Backup Buddy and making and storing copies of the system when it is functioning well. The main problem with the "download everything" strategy is that you may create an unstable system. Some programs contain "hacks" (modifications to or extensions of the operating system) and these can create problems ultimately requiring a hard reset (clearing of all RAM) and it is nice to be able to restore a "good" version.

    You have 16MB of RAM. I don't recall how much was in use by Handspring-provided apps but it wasn't very much. You can remove any application but beware of removing databases like phone, datebook, etc. because the absence of a necessary database can also bring the system down.

    I'm not familiar with filecaddy but FilEZ lets you list files by creator. This is very useful if you are worried about deleting a program and want to insure you erase everything associated with that program. For example, deleting Planetarium doesn't delete all the databases installed with it, although that is the only example I know of such a problem.

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    Don't know about the 270, but the Treo 90 has compress Rom. They couldn't fit all the rom apps for OS4 on the old chips, so apps like DateBook, Contacts, and ToDo are downloaded to Ram after a hard reset. So if you're using replacement apps for any of these, they can be deleted from Ram, unless of course, you're sharing they're databases. Then you'd have to use FileZ of FileCaddy to delete the app, but not the databases.

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