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    Does anyone know of any retail stores that sell replacement Treo stylii?

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    staples had it behind the counter i had to ask them
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    I brought mine at CompUSA. You can check at the
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    Just bought a set of three replacement stylii (Handspring) from Staples a couple of days ago. I think I paid $14.95 + tax
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    Cactus, cacti, stylus, styli
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    Does anyone know when any third party people are gonna get with it and make some real styli?? I really really miss the one I used to use with my Pro/VP from Pentopia that had the spring tip, steel reset pin, and pen on the backside...

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    Handspring has (or had) a stylus with integrated pen for the Visor. That came in real handy. I've still got mine but its too long for the Treo stylus well.

    Why they don't offer one for the Treo is beyond me... (poor sales maybe?)

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