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    Yeah one handing typing is a breeze on that beast!
    edit: you are right, webOS should can the dedicated @ button for a smiley button.
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    Has anyone mentioned an auto-focus camera yet?

    Personally I think the Torch layout is better. And I tried that the other day and it feels nice and sturdy as well, much more sturdy than the Pre feels.
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    I don't think you'll be seeing that kind of keyboard.(I hope not)
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    WebOS wouldn't work on galaxy S phone classes anyways since it doesn't have a gesture area. you have to click around on the screen just to get the buttons to light up at the bottom.
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    my point was the size and layout. assume it's adjusted for a gesture area, not made by samsung, etc.

    I hope that clears it up
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    I like the mock up Clem, the only thing I'd change though is the dedicated camera button. I would nix that and put an SD card slot there, let one of the volume keys be a camera button, or put the button on the volume side, either or.

    Otherwise, I'd buy it!
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    I really like the phone as it is, I hope the hardware is better quality, I actually would prefer a landscape slide out to the portrait slide out keyboard.....I can't get used to one handed typing, and the keyboard is just too small for two hands....

    One thing I hope it doesn't have is 4G!! I don't like that with Sprint you have to pay an extra $10 a month for 4G service, even if you can't get 4G service, I don't need the data to be any faster than it is (if I want faster, I use my home computer, those times I need info when I'm not home, I can be patient enough to wait an extra couple of seconds)....our area is probably a bit aways from getting 4G anyway.
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    I have an Evo and a Plam Pre. I love the WebOS and the camera on the pre specially video camera and editing of videos on the spot. I hate the hardware tho. i love the EVO and all it does but i think the WebOS is way better and the camera on the EVO even tho is 8MP cannot compare to the video quality of the PRE
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    here is a really good write up on what companies need to do if they want to imitate Apple's success with product marketing. I'm looking at you, HP... please read this:

    15 Design Tips to Learn From Apple | Design Shack
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    The technology exists for ultra-capacitor batteries that can be recharged in 30 to 90 seconds and hold a long-lasting charge. These are already available in flashlights and in larger applications like motorized wheel chairs.

    Why hasn't this made it's way into cell phones yet?

    That with a bigger, better screen, HDMI output, micro SD, voice recognition and an EMP blaster for taking out iphones (optional).
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