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    as far as cell phones go they are opening 1200 Target Mobile Kiosk to go with their 850 Sam's Club Kiosk. They are NOT hurting in the mobile game. And they are hourly PLUS commission on their cell phone sales.
    All the more reason why they should actually know what they are talking about...

    go Dawgs!
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    Ha! Failure hits the tech support staff at the Cox store today. I go in and the polite girl in the front says "oh your box is bad? Head over here to our technical support counter." While waiting for the guy to swap out my dead DVR box I notice something that mentions Cox mobile phones are coming soon. So I ask him what's going to be the hook to draw people in and he says "hook? for what? people will switch just because it's a new choice." I tell him there needs to be a reason for someone to switch and he says "no, people like choice." Oh well I figure once he graduates community college and has to actually pay his own bills he'll understand and for now I'm not going to get him to understand so I get down to the bottom line of what I really wanted to know. So I ask him a technical question: Will the service be CDMA or GSM? His response: "GSM... no CDMA... uh yeah that's right, the same as my iPhone." Why bother
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