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    Love my new Treo. But I can't seem to find good communication software.

    I would appreciate if someone could reccommend:

    (1) A good mail client other than TreoMail that can automatically dial-in and check email at regular intervals. TreoMail's redirector/subscription architecture is annoying.

    (2) A good MSN and Yahoo IM client. I found MSN Messenger Force, but it seems to crash my Treo.

    I assume software like this would be in big demand? Especially when GPRS rolls out...

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    Though it isn't what you're looking for (you install a client on your desktop) it is really really cool:
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    Anyone know whether it'll work under GPRS, though?
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    Anyone know whether it'll work under GPRS, though?
    Yes, Basejet works with GPRS (Cingular). I've been using it for almost 2 weeks now.
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    I know that Basejet currently drives me nuts with dialup because no matter what, it insists on disconnecting after it's done.

    Does it exhibit this same frustrating behavior with GPRS, necessitating a restart of GPRS services?

    And also, how significant do you find the speed increase, when connecting to the Basejet launcher and mail downloading and all is taken into consideration?

    Frankly, though I love the concept of being an early adopter, the prospect of paying an additional $19.95 (plus taxes) on top of the $39.95 I'm already paying T-Mobile -- not to mention the $10+ a month I throw down the drain with my local telecom whose services I no longer use -- is not very inviting

    Anyway, thanks in advance for the additional info!


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