View Poll Results: With all having near identical performance specs which 2 would you pick?

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  • pixi 3.1in screen

    10 10.10%
  • 3.7in pre2

    58 58.59%
  • 4in landscape keyboard

    41 41.41%
  • 4.3in virtual keyboard

    34 34.34%
  • 3.3in landscape keyboard

    5 5.05%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I have always liked the shape of the Pre - I'm not a big fan of the looks of landscape keyboards. My suggestion would be this: you take the Pre as it is and then decrease the gesture area by 5-6mm and halve the amount of useless area on each side of the screen, the screen would feel considerably larger. Then a small increase in size (possibly making it about 5-8mm wider) would make the world of difference while still keeping the uniqueness and beauty of the phones
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    I have always thougt i'd rather have a landscape keyboard. I still do, but it probably will depend on screen size.

    I originally planned to get the motodroid but bought my Pre instead. Haven't looked back!
    I would def much rather have a landscape keyboard. It only makes sense too, because when inputting text you want more space on the screen width wise,and anytime Im using the keyboard I am using two hands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClemsonPre View Post
    I would def much rather have a landscape keyboard. It only makes sense too, because when inputting text you want more space on the screen width wise,and anytime Im using the keyboard I am using two hands.
    If that was the case then why do most iPhone and Android users enter text in portrait mode? The answer is they don't want to switch to landscape every time they need to enter text. It's a PITA.
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    portrait is much faster to text. less space to move your thumbs
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    Either a bigger Pre or a bigger Pixi. Landscape sliders look too business-like for me.
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    3.3 inch slider? Like the SE Xperia Mini?

    Anyway, I'd like the 3.1 inch Pixi form and a 3.7-4" SLATE (no keyboard). Droid Incredible or Samsung Galaxy S (not Epic) style, but with webOS.
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    Now that the droid pro is out does anyboy still wonder about the pixi. It is exactly how the new pixi should be. and its one of the options i put on the poll.
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    I ahte the Pre keyboard. It's tiny and near-unusable. I'd much prefer a larger screen with a virtual keyboard or at elast a landscape slide-out keyboard. The Pre's keyboard is built for tiny hands.
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    I think if they make the pre design a bit bigger and use the treo 755p keys on there then they can have a portrait type design. Though I think they should make 2 to 3 form factors a year (with top notch specs, landscape,portrait,slab) and release it on every carrier worldwide.
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    Where's my 3.1" portrait slider?

    I'm perfectly fine with the current Pre form factor and size. Fits my hands perfectly.
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    I'm a bigger guy, so if I could basically an epic with webos on it, I'm happy. Big landscape keyboards and big screens don't scare me.

    also I can't reach everything on the pre with one hand because my hand encompasses too much of the screen and ends up tapping in multiple places while trying to reach one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by igobytony View Post
    how about a 4in screen and portrait keyboard? i hate landscape. they're just so big and hard to use. they always feel really ineffecient to me. i'm probably the only one, but if a landscape keyboard is the only physical keyboard option, i'll go for the VKB.

    yeah, i really hate landscape keyboards that much.
    I agree 100%. I would like 3.7-4.0 inch screen w/portrait keyboard. I don't mind a virtual landscape keyboard--especially w/swype--but not a slider landscape keyboard.
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    Whatever devices they make I hope they make them with comparably scaled resolutions and run with the same hardware APIs so we don't need to two copies of certain apps developed anymore. Same thing also applies for scaling to the tablet when that is released.

    Don't repeat the mistakes of the Pixi/Pre!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gregcolon3 View Post
    So this is my question.

    With so many android phones and the many form factors such as 3.1in displays to 5in display slates and landscape keyboards Is this putting a dent into you wanting a portrait keyboard.
    i originally wanted a phyical keyboard. I however NEVER liked a portrait keyboard and would have prefered a landscape pre. I now don't care about a physical keyboard. But it wasn't the other phones that changed my mind. It was my Pre. My pre's keyboard started acting funny, repeating keys, not responding at all not to mention i hate the feel of the keyboard anyways. Not clicky. But my next phone will not have a portrait keyboard.

    I'm 99% sure next phone will be a keyboardless slab.
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    iphone sized, with virtual keyboard. Pleeease Palm!
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    I prefer the landscape keyboard
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