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    so i always thought the idea behind the hot apps program was a genius idea to build a basis for the webos community, and lead the way for the next great handset that was pushed out by HPalm but after reading an article on BGR i dont kno whats left for us... APPARANTLY Nokia and ATT haved teamed up to build a basis for their upcoming phones within north america. how much is at stakes u ask? how about 10 million... i feel like that is just going to cast a shadow over webos and hinder any/all future webos development. thats 10x the incentive then that of which palm is offering. i hope it doesnt it doesnt influence other to stop developing for our platform, but i feel like at this point ALL i can do is hope... great hardware brings the customers in(which we need) and the huge basis of apps and software is what keeps them around(which we need just as much if not more). i hope with all this news coming from multiple carriers/companies/etc. that something webos comes out of all of this soon.

    Nokia and AT&T offering $10 million in application development contest Boy Genius Report
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    looks like at&t is still looking for a partner to leverage once the iPhone isn't exclusive, and still trying to avoid selling their soul to Android like everyone else. Too bad that HP/Palm isn't in that position with them...
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    In other news, some top mobile application developers/ceo's turned down some lucrative deals/incentives from Nokia to build/port applications. Don't know why yet.
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    Meego is gonna bomb, I can feel it.
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    Oh, and if your application happens to be picked by AT&T and Nokia as a winner…
    Heh, if THEY choose you. Not for the most popular apps. It will fail.
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