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    Reduced initial profit is certainly a possibility. HP may be building up a cloud environment that Palm could only have dreamed of when it was on acid. I would buy that idea.
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    The reason I think its important nowadays is because a smartphone OS is an ecosystem, and you don't just need consumers but you need developers even more so.

    If you don't sell the hardware with your OS on it in great numbers, you will not have developers eager to code for it, and your ecosystem will implode in on itself.

    You cant just make some hardware, sell it and call it a day anymore. An OS is a huge investment and you need to constantly convince both your developers and consumers to stay on board and not leave to other Operating Systems or else you will lose the ability to keep people locked into your community of cloud services and apps.

    If someone moves onto another service thats not offered in your integration of devices like what HP is setting up, so if someone moves on to iLife instead of the system that HP is setting up, or onto Google Services, then you will probably lose that customer for the next 5 years.

    Average users do not want to constantly move their data back and forth amongst these huge ecosystems companies are creating, they want all their devices to work together with the least amount of effort, and once they are in an ecosystem they stay locked in there for a while.
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    HTC makes hardware and sells it and calls it a day. A change to the Android GUI is about all they do. Same with Motorola. The main innovation is happening at Google, which also runs the Android app store. Most companies are just manufacturers, or just software makers. Apple, Nokia, and HP (with the Palm line) are the exceptions.

    I don't think you understand how this industry works. It is changing, yes, but not nearly as much as you believe.
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    Here is what Rahul said today:

    i believe if you design for the user & not a segment the "segments" will eventually come & attach themselves to the experience.
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