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    Now, we learn that Verizon is omitting the Pre from the GPS fix. I thought HP's size, scale, market power, and vendor relations was supposed to keep this sort of thing from happening. What gives?
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    Verizon is the Android network now...
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    yup, and this is why I believe out of the networks between sprint, AT&T and Verizon Sprint is the correct choice to release new hardware on. Though AT&T is too, but having just released devices a few months ago, im sure they want to stretch sales a bit before releasing a new device. Verizon is just that android central, any and everything else means nothing to them. Android is there cash machine at the moment.
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    I recognize the fact that Palm is smaller and commands less attention. But, at this point, it is starting to seem a bit hostile. Why is HP not using those vaunted relations to make things happen? If they can't, it just makes them look weak. They would look stronger if they just pulled out of the Verizon relationship altogether.
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    Agreed. I always thought they were just indifferent to Palm (going back to my centro and Treo days), but it feels more then that these days.
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    you know the funny thing is, for the past couple of days my pre plus GPS has been working quite well. Without using the gps fix app or launching vznavigator. I've even had the gps off all night last night and this morning it located me within seconds using people finder. If ony everyday was like this.

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