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    My previous Palm device was a Kyocera 6035. I've just started using a Treo 300. I am using the Palm desktop for contacts. However, some contacts have not transferred, specifically, most (but not all) of those entries without a first name and last name (that is, those entries just for companies). Is this a known error (and, if so, how can it be remedied other than re-entering every company-only contact) or am I doing something wrong?
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    Well, I can't answer your question cuz I dunno. But, here's a semi-helpful idea: have you tried beaming the wayward contacts from the Kyocera to the Treo? Does that work?

    While the erudite treo-board-monkeys (not I, alas) figger out what's up with your contacts, that might be a more expedient way to get 'em on your new device than entering them manually ...
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    these contacts aren't private?
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    I can't answer your question either...
    Have a suggestion: Tried using thirdparty apps???
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