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    I have read several threads but cannot find a solution to an issue I am having sending attachments (doc's, pdf's) using my gmail account. I have tried copying to my other email account and still no attachment coming thru.
    I am able to attach photos without any problems.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since I travel for work and like to email files from my phone when on the go.
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    I've been having the same problem. I haven't found a solution on any forum as of yet. I guess no one knows.
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    I've had this problem, for a kludge of a fix, go to the Gmail website in the Pre browser and forward attachments from there.

    I also use the site when searching for things that are older than a few days.

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    Thank you for the info biggnaa20. I tried going thru the gmail web - you are correct - it's quite cumbersome. Has to be an easier solution than that - but thank you for at least responding. Let me know if you have another solution.
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    Sorry. that was all I had...
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    having same trouble. It's annoying because people send me photos and I am unable to see them. Going though browser helps but not a final solution. Does anyone know of a patch that could solve this problem.
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    Maybe that capability isn't available yet for those attachments. Alternative methods would have to be use..until a solution is formulated. A patch, or an update from palm.

    In the meantime you could make that option a reality by sending palm a message in their "Feedback & Feature request" Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA.

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    I receive pictures and whatnot to my phone pretty often over a gmail account. This might seem like a silly question... but have you tapped on the name of the attachment to tell it to download?
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    Thank you for the response bluewanders. Receiving photos and attachments and viewing them isn't the issue. My issue is that I when I attach a file that is on my Pre to send out - the attachment does not go thru to the recipients that I chose.

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