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    i am having ongoing problems with the ear speaker on my palm pre plus has anyone else had this problem? this is my second phone with the same issue
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    are you stuck in headset mode?
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    Is it like really distorted, or you're just not hearing others clearly? If you aren't stuck in headset mode as Cantaffordit as ask ~ I think your best bet is to return the device for repairs.

    You can try to fix it first if it's the stuck in headset issue:

    Best of luck...
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    I just had mine to the Sprint repair store to get repaired. The earpiece speaker in the phone was fried. About an hour later, all is better.

    On the plus side, I did talk to the Palm rep for my area about Palm Pre 2 and PalmPad. He talked to the HP rep a few days earlier and they said that we may have both in time for Christmas. I'm not holding my breath, but it could be good news.
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    Apparently, it didn't fix the problem. The problem resurfaced this evening.

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