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    I was on Engadget as us-u-al and saw another iwatch with a mention of palm os watch. *** so I googled it. Heres a good PC mag article.
    Fossil Abacus Wrist PDA Review & Rating |
    So do you think with the iwatch craze HPalm will bring us the webos watch?
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    Who wears watches anymore?
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    I had the abacus , probally somewhere in my house. Stupid idea. Beyond silly. watch screens are too small and it was huge and heavy and yeah I dont klnow anyone who wears a watch anymore when you carry around a cell phone everywhere. **** Tracy almost had it right but it wasnt the watch it is the cell phone.
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    I still have one, never wore it though, as it was big and pretty much useless.
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    I have a few looking for ones I don't have so if you have one and don't want it, think about selling it
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    I think the idea of a phone watch is pretty much dead as most users want rich, powerful large screen experiences. But I do think a phone as a PIM/multmedia device as so called iwatch could make sense. The only problem is that I don't want to have to charge my watch every night...

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