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    In the absence of real news, I thought I would resurrect this oldie but goodie

    Future Device Mockups (C40 + Tablet) - Palm Support Community

    You listening Mr. Sood?
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    seriously, i'd be so all over those. both. i'd even add a second line just for the tablet. that's basically the plan, unless the hardware is meh, in which case i'll be most likely going for the galaxy tab.

    seems like a lot of the rumors on here have been talking about (dreaming) of much better hardware specs than those listed on these mock ups. i love the form factors though. have been messing with a lot of friend's phones with landscape keyboards, and i seriously don't see how people do it. i prefer the current VKB on the pre to a landscape hardware one. portrait hardware is, of course, king.
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    I love the design to the phone though the specs are very unrealistic, as people point out the screen is too bit with a keyboard, tbh I dont think I would ever need more then a 4" screen but even that is a bit too big with the keyboard 3.7-.8 would be perfect

    32gb flash memory would make the phone super expensive, 16 should be a base, with a 32 gb as a higher model, though I think palm want to adopt the Apple model of phones, that is not having too many phones, so updates can be pushed out to all models, and developing for them is easy.

    Adding a micro sd with the nature of webos, would only (I assume atleast) make pirating apps a lot easier (there is already a site with a few 100 people on it that pirate webos apps)

    A front facing camera and a good 5mp camera on the back seem right, and lord help me the battery better be big. Wifi N would also be required to compete with the current lline of smartphones

    I wonder if the webos 2.0 will allow for a full horizontal UI with the VK that we all know is coming?

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