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    Let's each take a stab at it and we can come back in 12 months to see how close we came.

    My prediction is that HP will need at least 5 mobile product families in the next 12 months, starting with a tablet in early 2011.

    The smartphone market is as diverse as the auto market. HTC, Motorola, Samsung, and LG are each expected to release up to 12 Android phones a year. There are similarities in the markets:

    • Compact/Sports car (3.5")
    • Midsize (4")
    • Fullsize (4.3"-5")
    • SUV (tablet)
    • Truck (Notebook)

    The planned shelf-life for each model is 9 months. The goal is to constantly offer much better products so that you feel compelled to constantly upgrade.

    Notice that there really is nothing under 3.5". The feature that will drive new smartphone sales will be HD from YouTube, Hulu, Slingbox, Netflix, Sunday Ticket, Skype, etc. You are not going to watch a 3 hour game on a 3.5" screen. Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) has WXGA (1366768) resolution coming Q4, 2010. That is why there is the bandwidth scramble for 4G and LTE. And WXGA is just the beginning.

    HP is single-handedly fighting an army of Androids. If anyone has the marketing brains and muscle for this fight, it is HP. So HP will need small, medium, and large smartphones plus tablets for each carrier. HP will leave the Ferrari niche to iPhone.

    HP does not ever offer a product. HP offers families of products like large printers, departmental printers, and consumer printers, with dozens of products in each marketing group.

    The Product matrix gets more complicated if HP decides to offer a comparable number with physical keyboards. But Swype is the key. The world phone typing records are not on physical keyboards but on Swype. Once you learn to Swype, you never go back to anything else. If they ship with Swype on the phones like Samsung and Motorola, that greatly simplifies their product matrix.

    HP's Rahul Sood has recently given us two key facts about new products:

    "... don't expect anything soon..."


    "...Now, when I said "over the next 12 months," I really mean over the next 12 months. Not at the end of 12 months, not tomorrow..."

    HP thinks 5 and 10 years out. "Soon" would be this year, this Christmas, or even this winter.

    So we should see announcements by January of a family of products that will start coming out in the spring. HP was already doing the tablet so expect that to come first.

    Here are some tea leaves so that you can come to your own conclusions:

    HP's Rahul Sood: Hot hardware will bring in developers; Updated x2

    What are your predictions?

    I think that we are in for an exciting 12 months.

    - Craig
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    Entry-level: 3.1" screen Pixi-like form factor
    Physical keyboard: 3.5-3.7" screen Pre-like form factor
    Virtual keyboard only: 4"-4.3" screen slab
    Tablet with optional active digitizer (pen): 10" screen
    Media Player/PDA (e.g., no cellular radio): 3.5" screen, no keyboard
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    I see HP/Palm releasing 2 tablets, one a 7" and the other a 10". They will be identical in all other ways. Both will have a dual mode screen - capacitive multi-touch and active digitizer. They will be released between now and Q1 2011.

    Edit: Actually, I think the 7" will only have a capacitive screen, but the 10" will have the dual scree.

    I see HP/Palm releasing 2 identical phones, differant in one way - one will be all touch, the other will be a side slider. The screen size will be 3.5" or 3.7". They will be released Q1 or Q2 of 2011.

    I see HP/Palm releasing new all-in-one computers with a combination of WebOS and Windows 7. They will be released Q3 2011 - Q4 2011.
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    i can see HP trying to release a model to suit the entire arena. First will be a slate device to compete with the iphone/evo crown. almost simultaneously will come a horizontal slider to go after droids. followed by direct decendents of the pre and pixi that will be directed to the blackberry crowds. somewhere towards the top of the list will come the webOS tablet
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    Quote Originally Posted by slbailey1 View Post
    I see HP/Palm releasing new all-in-one computers with a combination of WebOS and Windows 7. They will be released Q3 2011 - Q4 2011.
    I tend to agree with you here. I think any touch-enabled device in HP's lineup will either get webOS exclusively (smartphones, media players, tablets, multifunction devices), or webOS will be used as the instant-on environment instead of the current HP QuickWeb that's on many of their netbooks and notebooks. The latter will include netbooks, notebooks, and Touchsmart all-in-ones.

    I think a really, really compelling treatment would be their Touchsmart tm2t Tablet PC. Imagine a 12.1" convertible tablet with the option of running either webOS or Windows 7. Yummy.
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    I believe one.. 03/05/11.
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    I think we'll see a tablet around Feb 2011, and a phone by March 2011.
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    entry level 3.1 in. display pixi

    3.5in landscape slider

    3.7-4.0 in pre 2

    4.3in slab

    all running omap 4 minimum for pixi 512 ram. minimum for pre 2 768 ram
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    Media Player/PDA (e.g., no cellular radio): 3.5" screen, no keyboard
    I totally forgot about an iTouch competitor. There is certainly money to be made there as well.

    - Craig
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    Quote Originally Posted by RUSH View Post
    I believe one.. 03/05/11.
    Which one?

    - Craig
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    anytime after

    edit: This thread merge has completely screwed up the impeccable timing of this comment. boo on you...
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    October 15th
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    Sept 22nd?
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    Later today...

    BTW, I have a feeling we might hear something from Palm this week.
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    Well I've always had this feeling that as soon as I got a Pre they would announce something, so it should be any day now.
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    @ ultrmav lol same with me.
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    I feel like we'll have good news in October, maybe even November...
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    The official Windows Phone 7 announcement is going to be mid October. Do you think it would be better to have an announcement before or after that?
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    WebOS tablet late October to early November.

    Edit: If HP is smart, they will release a new WebOS phone last October or early November because Windows Phone 7 will not be released in the US until the first half of 2011. But, I don't thank the HP is smart.
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