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    Quote Originally Posted by jelks View Post
    Later today...

    BTW, I have a feeling we might hear something from Palm this week.
    I have had that same feeling every week since the birthday of the Sprint pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by falconrap View Post
    The market share numbers show half a million more users. The only number I remember hearing was 400,000 units made for Verizon, and chunk of those sold in the first quarter. So, clearly, the AT&T launch must have moved at least a couple hundred thousand units. Palm new they would be bought out long before it was announced (usually these things are roughly agreed upon weeks in advance of public knowledge).

    Further, as I have stated, being an Engineer, I can tell you that, with HP's backing, designing a new phone doesn't take more than 3-4 months from scratch, plus production and distribution. If Palm simply had to tweak some things, they could easily be in production right now, though I would hope we would have heard something.

    But most importantly, when you see all the carriers suddenly dropping the price through the floor, and at least one already showing an EOL status at the end of October, you can be pretty rest assured that all three carriers are trying to clear inventory for a new release. You don't do this if you think you can continue to slowly but surely sell the inventory out at a better profit margin. Just look at how long Sprint kept the prices up, only to suddenly drop the phone prices almost in line with an October-November phone release.

    Believe it or not. Who cares? The only ones who really know what's happening aren't talking. I find it hard to believe, however, that they plan to miss the holiday season when they are also releasing WebOS 2.0. Makes ZERO sense to do that.
    Then why does it take the worlds second largest company (by market value) years to develop just one phone? It's also worth noting that the iPad was developed before the iPhone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    Then why does it take the worlds second largest company (by market value) years to develop just one phone? It's also worth noting that the iPad was developed before the iPhone.
    Because they had never done this before. In the Engineering world, the talent you have defines your timelines. Both Palm and HP have talent that knows how to design cell phones and smartphones. They understand the principles behind radio wave transmission, and thereby know how to design the antenna system. They know how to design for their power budget, something which is very difficult to do in the sub-watt range, unless you already know what your doing (it really sucks if your trace routing has enough parasitic capacitance to make your PCB use more power than the chips on them).

    The experience both companies have in this field (Palm invented the the thing) is what makes the difference. Seriously. The hardware design and PCB design are the items that take the longest. All of the IC's on a phone are just complete modules requiring little, or no, passive circuitry. The power supply circuitry is the only thing you really have to worry about designing, and even that is become less true with off the shelves modules designed for this segment.

    Apple required years because they had never done it before. This is why technology companies can literally die if they lose too much of their Engineering talent. Where I work only a handful of people know how to Engineering the systems we build for the F-18. These folks could easily, and have, design an updated modern design for these systems as new tech comes along. But if they left, and we needed to start from scratch again, it would take years. Notice how it doesn't take Apple "years" to design their next iPhone? They turn a new one every year. And they aren't exactly an Engineering power house. They are more of a boutique set of Engineers, designing high end stuff. If Palm had a phone ready, lets say with a 1GHz OMAP 36xx, but HP said change the glass and use a dual core TI OMAP 4xxx, that would be a very short re-spin of the design. No more than a couple of months or so. But notice I'm only talking about what's possible, not what happened. It can also take longer to develop if you don't have enough people with the right talent working on it.
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    falconrap's absolutely right that clearing out inventory usually is a good indicator of a new phone coming out.

    As for Apple, they probably could have created a phone quite a while ago, for Steve Jobs, it's all about timing, he wanted to produce the iPhone, which had to be a seamless experience, he wanted to have a mobile browser that was a star. Hardware being what it was at the time, he probably couldn't have produced the iPhone until 2007. Any sooner and it would have been just another Treo knockoff, which isn't what he wanted to do.

    Ruby's also not stupid. He worked for Apple and knew why they released devices once a year. More than likely, he planned a new device for the summer timeframe initially, but the HP buyout delayed things.

    There's also no reason that WebOS 2.0 has to be rolled out with the new device (although it would make sense to).

    As we don't know the new hardware's specs, we can't say for certain that it has a higher resolution screen (although it's a safe bet), but as Palm stated when they released the Pixi, the beauty of using HTML is that apps will scale automatically to the new resolution (I also assume that lower resolutions will still be supported in the OS so that PDK apps will still work properly).

    Again, no showstoppers as far as I'm concerned for a holiday launch.
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    Months ago, we asked members what their predictions were for future Palm devices.

    It looks like it will be a family of small, medium, and large smartphones plus tablets:

    The next months will be exciting!

    - Craig
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    i predict 5-6 devices, with one being a tablet, manufactured by foxconn and one other company whos name i cannot think of at this time.
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