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    Okay, folks, I've gone ahead and set uploaded a <link deleted by Mod> high-resolution Palm logo for use at University Fashions, which offers a variety of customizable and affordable clothing and gear. While this is not officially Palm-authorized, I will say I have reason to believe that Palm will not object for people who use this to make clothing for their own personal, non-commercial use. In other words, keep it for yourself, or you'll spoil it for all of us. (Please note that it may take a couple of days for the uploaded logo to be added to the University Fashions public library; if it's not there yet under the name Palm Logo or something similar, check back in a day or two.)

    Here's the request:the initial digitization of the logo as an embroidery pattern costs $50. I would like to ask all of you who might be interested in purchasing Palm-logo stuff through this route to contribute whatever you wish to the effort via this <link deleted by Mod> PayPal donation link[/URL]. Please remember to mention in the comments the purpose of your payment, so I can accurately track the amounts.

    To the extent that I receive more than $50, I will donate all additional proceeds split 50/50 between Jason Robitaille and the webOS Internals team (of which Jason is not a member, although they work together to ensure cross-compatibility), in recognition of their collective contribution to the webOS communities.

    Thanks, and I look forward to seeing others wearing Palm gear! {Jonathan}
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    Count me in my friend... I just hope Palm doesn't object?
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    I wouldn't go for it, not with using their logo without permission. It is trademarked.
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    Yeah, if you don't have written permission from Palm to use their logo, I think their legal team will be in touch with you once they find out, ESPECIALLY since there is money involved.
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    The sale of unauthorized copy-written/trademarked materials is illegal and not allowed in the P|C forums.

    If you wish to sell 'legal' merchandise - please do so in the Marketplace forum.


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