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    Hi Everyone

    My friend who's a TREO Junkie claims that handspring was coming out (soon) with another TREO model, that will supercede the 90 but not quite pass the 180 kind of like a an upgrade from visor deluxe to a platium or prism...Has anyone heard these rumors to be true?

    Is Handspring coming out with a new model that will pass the T90? If yes how long before it comes out?

    Thanks All.
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    If so, I certainly hope it's A Visor/Springboard-Product (yet thinner than the Prism) that is to replace the VisorPrism that is "No Longer Available".

    As it stands today, Handspring has no Color Springboard-capable device available for customers to purchase. For this user, I plan to use my VisorPrism/VisorPhone for at least another year (or two). I've purchased a backup VisorPrism for this purpose.

    However, if Handspring came out with A new Color Springboard capable Visor with A screen viewable outdoors(and High-Res screen), I'd buy immediately.

    I just can't stand the thought of losing my MemPlug/SoundsGood for A phone-only PDA that, if it suffers A hard reset while I'm away from my PC, I'm screwed.

    Just my .02

    ps. While remote/wireless HotSync's are possible, they are impractical when you have A TREO loaded to the gills (14MB). You're looking at about 3 hours of on-line time to get your data back. No Thanks, MemPlug restore in 5-10 min
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