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    First off, my apologies if this question has already been asked and answered. Somehow the boards have been loading real slow for me, and search doesn't seem to be working at the moment. Plus, what is the fun in using Search, anyway?

    Just wondering if you all have heard about any upcoming hardware, and what kind of release dates HP has, if they are working on a new WebOS phone? The reason I ask is I'm debating whether to upgrade to a Pre this month when my contract with AT&T is up for renewal, or if I should hold out til the holidays, assuming a new model is on the way. I really want a webOS phone soon!

    Thanks for any help and sorry again if this question has come up a lot. By the way, this is a terrific site. I have it bookmarked and read it daily. Loyal Palm guy here (Palm Vx in 1999, Centro user now, and will not consider any non-Palm phones now) and I've been wanting to upgrade to WebOS but have been putting it off because, well, I'm feeling kinda cheap these days. Just reading the "New in the App Catalog" posts as well as the "Featured App of the Day" section on the right has really whetted my appetite for it and made me realize how much I want it.
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    Hey ikff, WELCOME to the WebOS community!

    And yes, there is a whole thread dedicated to the next WebOS phone.

    Here's the link

    There's all kinds of juicy rumours, and some very reasonable speculations.

    I'm sure a moderator will probably move this thread to that forum.

    And I love speculating on the new device, so I hope this thread remains friendly.

    My own speculation is that it's going to be a 4 inch with a dual core Texas Instruments 1 ghz processor. Lots of Ram, lots of storage. No front facing camera, but a new operating system that will finally take advantage of the hardware. And My bet is that there will be an announcement in Oct for a Nov release.

    That is all based on hints that I've seen and some conjecture, but no hard cold facts.

    One thing is certain, new hardware is coming. A new operating system is coming. The question is when.
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    Thanks! Wow I'm an *****--I totally missed that forum. Lotsa good info in there.

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    You're not an *****. It's actually kind of hard to find. Enjoy!
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    All we have are speculations and rumors, nothing solid.

    Until we have have something more solid than "the guy or gal at the Sprint store told me," keep dreaming and wishing.
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    Please discuss on the currently running threads. Thank you!

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