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    Ha Ha Ha. I love these posts. The first time I meet a sprint engineer he assured me it would be 2012 before the sprint and nextel technologies would merge and they would be one company with one technology. He assured me this was true. He had heard it from some meeting he had went to. He was like 5 to 6 YEARS off.
    Sprint acquired Nextel in late 2004, almost 6 years ago. At this point, the two technologies still have NOT merged. Walk into a Sprint store and you'll see iDEN devices on one side and CDMA devices on the other. It may be one company now, but it's not yet one technology. (In fact, you could argue that WiMax makes three, though all the WiMax phones they sell are also CDMA phones.) So your engineer acquaintance may eventually be proven wrong in his prediction, but we won't know that until late 2012.
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    Local Sprint reps are sooooooooo in the loop of Palm releases!

    Sure, but he might be right about Palm on Sprint. The first devices for Palm might not come out on Sprint - which will **** a lot of loyal customers off.
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    Sure, but he might be right about Palm on Sprint.
    That's true, but not because of any insight he has on the subject, IMO.
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    My bad, let me clarify what I meant to say. I think HP will not launch on Sprint first, and I think their first phone will come out around march of next year. If my prediction is true, Sprint won't get the next phone until late second Q or even third Q, which makes this whole story possible.
    ... If that is the case, then all the people who have had the original Pre will have been skipped over twice for an upgrade to new hardware... And I think there will be some pretty <angry> loyal Pre owners, myself included. People who have gone through countless broken phones out of the box and loved webOS enough to deal with Sprint's mistreatment of and straight lies to Pre owners. People who stuck it out while EVERY other carrier got the upgraded versions of their Pres. I am not saying what they will do, I love webos enough that I might stick around until Sprint gets an upgraded Pre but I am going to be furious about it. Or I might have to go back to Verizon for a hopefully more updated Pre hardware. Which I think Sprint Corporate should do more to help those people who have had multiple problems with their Pres but they just shove android on them. Ugh.
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    First Alltel "smartphone" HTC Touch (4 devices); then HTC Diamond (1 device); then Blackberry Pearl 8130 (1 device; the Blackberry Curve 8330 (6 devices due to becoming Verizon customer ); then.... Finally the wondrous and amazing Palm Pre and I will never go back!
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    I doubt it, everything points to a sprint launch at this point. Verizon even recently still shows no interest in Webos, and would they Android is their ATM machine right now. At&T is supporting Webos, but of course they just recieved the plus models. So to me the next device either this fall (the plus plus model) or early next year. As stated at this point Verizon's going to be really hard to push Webos devices to, they just fail to adobt these devices, and we have seen that already with the plus models, with the marketing to females, with the GPS issues etc, and we will see that even with new devices next year. Again confermed Sprint and Palm relationship is intact, and they intend on supporting their products (I submitted that letter from corporate in August in one of these threads from my insider) so my bet is sprint getting the latest model before any other carrier IMO.
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